Apologist for tyranny?

Eric Hobsbawm, a prominemt left-wing historian and Communist has died aged 95. He admits that he had little knowledge of or contact with the working class, but that didn't stop him knowing what was good for them. Also thought that the millions of deaths in Stalin's Russia might have been "necessary" to achieve the desired result. It seems that only the right can be proper extremists in the world of academia.
Oh, the irony. How much knowledge of the world of academia did you have to come up with that sweeping generalisation?
Perhaps the way forward with academia is for we plebs to set them subjects to discuss


(1) If the people are to give up the notion of owning the means of production should they instead own the standards (quality control) of production. In the way, Health and safety legislation, the people already own the standards of safety in production ? The replacement for Clause 4 fallacy.

(2) To encourage maturity of the people should laws protecting whistleblowers be repealed to be replaced with laws of Misprision to punish those who fail to whistle blow ?
Eric J. Hobsbawn was a brilliant historian in the great English tradition of narrative history. On everything he touched he wrote much better, had usually read much more, and had a broader and subtler understanding than his more fashionable emulators. If he had not been a lifelong Communist he would be remembered simply as one of the great historians of the 20th century.

Tony Judt 2008.

His son however was not a chip off the old block.

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