Apologise if this has been brought up before but....

the wife bought me MW2 for Xmas, anyway i loaded it up and tried to play but a message then appeared saying vertex shader 2.0 isnt enough to run the game, can i resolve this by downloading something to upgrade it to 3.0.

Does this make sense?

Im not at home just now so i cant tell you what graphics card is in the pc or spec.

Sorry to say this but it's a Gfx card upgrade. Will have to be a Dx10 compliant card i think don't recall any Dx9 Vertex 3.0 cards but i sit to be corrected.
mate take it its the pc?? u have mw2 on look on back of of game case should have required graffics card information at bottom of case or something along those lines once you find out what it is search in google and you should be able to download it from net free of charge from the rite websites :)
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