Apologies to the Mau Mau Are Next


It appears that we will soon be apologising for our acts of violence against the Mau Mau...
This from the Grauniad today.
Was anyone here involved in this business?

Lest we forget

Britain is facing a series of reminders of its treatment of Mau Mau fighters and sympathisers, notes Jeevan Vasagar

Monday March 7, 2005

Gordon Brown thinks Britain should stop apologising for the empire, but some former colonial subjects disagree.
In Kenya, the vice-president, Moody Awori, has called for an apology from the British for the treatment of Mau Mau fighters and their sympathisers.

"The colonial masters were brutal, cruel and pitiless. They treated Kenyans as savages; all they wanted was the rich and fertile land of Kenya," Mr Awori said at the launch of a new book on Mau Mau.

The call for an apology comes at a time of renewed interest in Mau Mau, both in Britain and in Kenya. Two new books have been published: Britain's Gulag, by Harvard professor Caroline Elkins, which was launched at Nairobi's Norfolk hotel at the start of this month, and Histories of the Hanged, by Oxford academic David Anderson.

Both books chronicle the abuses of Mau Mau, drawing parallels between the British detention of tens of thousands of Kenyans and the concentration camps of Nazi Germany and Soviet Russia.



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.....and when will we apologise to trees for making their grandfather into a dining table? I am, frankly, bored rigid by all the apology calls.

It is about time the coastal Africans apologised to the central Africans for selling them..........the Chinese made reparations for all the deaths caused by gunpowder and the Welsh owned up to inflicting Anthony Hopkins and choral singing on an unsuspecting world.
Evidently those calling for an apology never saw the aftermath of a Mau Mau attack (they also butchered countless thousands of Kenyans).
Not really a surprise from the Guarnard, whose motto is "We're all GUILTY"!

much better reviews in the Spectator this weekend on three books regarding the Mau Mau's. Good write up and outlines the vast differences in the reporting of various "incidents". British or local rule was pretty brutal, but most of it was dealt with at the time. More scare-mongering by the lefties who are running out of reasons of why the f*cking mess that currently is Africa is all the fault of us nasty Brits (even though they've been on their own for over 30 years).

Of course, we're not allowed to raise the issue of the treatment they dished out to the white farmers! kinda like today in Zim, eh!
There was a programme on BBC2 about this a few years ago (Nov 2002): "White Savages - the Mau Mau Revolt" trying to demonise the British and exonerate the Mau Mau. It supported the Mau Mau "war veterans" demand for £5 billion compensation from the UK taxpayer.

The British and their allies sometimes brutally interrogated Mau Mau suspects, using beatings, and rare cases of excessive force (as in the Hola Camp) led to official enquiries.

What the programme makers didn't mention was that, from 1952-6, the Mau Mau killed 32 whites and 1,819 Africans, many of them women and children. Almost all the victims died agonizing deaths. Many were raped, burned, disembowelled, cut in half at the waist, hanged or had limbs severed.

Nor did they mention that, since independence, Kenya has endured corrupt government, the "squeezing" of non-Kikuyu, political assassination and the burning of 20,000 Asians out of their homes.

I put these points to the BBC about their rubbish programme, but needless to say they didn't reply!!


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As this lady has been working on the MauMau subject for the past five or six years, it's a shame that her 'research' seems to have left her so blinkered.
However, I fear she's just another in a long line of glory seeking academics who realize that a damn good way to get the most publicity, is to refute famous historical events.

Most however are switched on enough to target something that occurred at least a couple of hundred years back, but she seems to be so arrogant as to believe that her Harvard qualifications will outweigh the memories of those people actually involved.
I assume that she regards anything reported by those members of the armed forces or civilians who experienced the MauMau atrocities as being part of a large conspiracy.

I used to get het up with these 'historians,' but they usually fade into obscurity once they've had their five minutes of fame - and after they've cashed the cheques from the various radio programmes they've appeared on !

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