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Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by ugly, May 29, 2007.

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  1. ugly

    ugly LE Moderator

    The role and future of the UK Volunteer reserve forces?
    I didnt want a poll as I could skew questions to suit the answers I wanted but I really want opinions. Is the TA etc a formed force with a clearly defined role or a pool of bodies to act as IRs for the regulars. What role if any should exist for the TA bearing in mind that not all of us have crystal balls?
    I have an ulterior motive as both of my sons are approaching the age and I am concerned that if they join they will be railroaded into volunteering for one of New Liarbours foreign adventures!
  2. I don't think even the government can answer this question as everything they do sems to be knee jerk reactions............................but..............if your lads join the forces , Reg or TA, they will be expected to do whatever the government of the day decide. People shouldn't be joining the TA because they KNOW they'll not be mobilised whether as a formed unit or individuals.
  3. ugly

    ugly LE Moderator

    Not the answer i was looking for, but anyway what is your view on what the role of the TA now and possibly the future?
    I hope its not as simple as stated as that really limits training options!
  4. http://www.army.mod.uk/unitsandorgs/ta/index.htm

    It's all here, read the commitments section to know what your sons can expect.

    If you are worried about them going on a foriegn adventure now might not be the best time to join, the website does spell it out quite clearly though.

    "Your Commitment...

    Obviously, by joining the TA you are committing yourself to giving up a portion of your spare time and to serving the community to which you belong.

    You should also realise that anyone joining the TA can expect to be mobilised for operational service within five years.

    Your time commitment will vary, depending on the type of unit you join."

    "Is the TA etc a formed force with a clearly defined role or a pool of bodies to act as IRs for the regulars. What role if any should exist for the TA bearing in mind that not all of us have crystal balls?"

    I would say it was both, more the latter at the moment.
  5. ugly

    ugly LE Moderator

    My bold, mobilised there compulsion is an element of this. Are terms of service still for 3 years? If they are then the chance of mobilisation must be reduced?
    There is no way that volunteering is mobilisation, its volunteering. If you are then offered the option upon mobilisation of dropping out of the reserves (is this true and if so I doubt if it would apply to Reg Reserves) then fine be seen as the man or woman that wouldnt go when called. The current package of asking for volunteers is not a mobilisation and just a sham to get people in! Typical whitehall fudge as there arent enough troops and the TA isnt an organisation ready to act as an Army. Perhaps the Army bit should be dropped and the TA could be renamed the part time reserves (unless you are called on).
  6. The_Duke

    The_Duke LE Moderator


    On the Inf side of life it is very much a source of IRs (and occasionally formed composite Coys) to backfill shortfalls in the regular army. It trains using the structure of formed units, but is very, very, very unlikely to be called to fight as a formed unit as per the cold war.

    As for voluntary/compulsory - until there is a change of heart at government level so that they are willing to suffer the pain of forceing large groups of TA soldiers to deploy, and accept that the regular army is undermanned it will remain on a voluntary basis. Edited to add: assumes no new large scale deployment.

    If you do not want your lads to go to Iraq/Afghanistan then they should find something else to do with their time. It is a reality of life in the TA at the moment.
  7. It seems to me that if anyone joins the regulars or the TA these days it seems pretty certain that they will be mobilised. The regulars are that overstretched that they have no other choice but to use sTAb's for the role that they are trained.

    As for being railroaded into to "volunteering", what is the point of joining if they are unwilling to deploy if needed? :? Is it just some sort of weekend drinking club for them? If that's the case it may best if they dont join, after all, with the increased use of TA in hot and sunny theater's, it may not be the best club to join.
  8. ugly

    ugly LE Moderator

    I have no problem with my service, I joined the TA after regular service knowing that I could keep some skills up to date and pass on some experience. Now if when I left the TA in the 90's they had asked me to deploy to a sh1t hole for 6 months as they had laid all the regs off I would have told them to stick it. I enjoyed the chance for a little AT when on UK camps but I still couldnt see the Bn deploying to the Weser should the Ballon have gone up. If it had I would have gone like the others as that was what we joined for. Defence of our country and possibly learn a trade. If I had used my loaf (not something I am renowned for) I would have retrained as a sloppy/butcher etc rather than doing Brecon!
    Mind you thats why I became a soldier, not to be a tradesman but to train for war!
    I ,ll admit I never actually expected to fight unless it was in the bar!
    I would however like my sons to have the opportunity to get some great trade training for free with minimal risk of being shot at or mortared. Who wouldnt want that?
  9. Ugly
    The 'covenant' today is if you are joining the TA expect a deplyment in the first 5 years. Without getting into the volunteering/compulsory argument if they do not want to get deployed like that don't join the TA. Sorry to be blunt but there it is.
    PS I know what you mean about the role; I have been in twenty years and my regiment keeps changing its mission as each new deployment has us doing different things (which is great as it happens and the boys don't mind a bit but gives the doctrine staff wallahs a headache).
  10. As you have only recently joined, none of us would miss you if you fcuk off now! Keep a civil tongue in your head when talking about the TA, or fcuk off and add nothing to the regular thread! Pr1ck :twisted:
  11. Ugly, to support ET, whilst your sons cannot be compulsorily mobilised at present due to lack of political will, you have to understand that we (One army, regular and territorial) are in it for the long haul! We are signed up to Afghan for 10 years and the sh1thole that is Iraq will take a lifetime to sort. In short, if you don't want your kids to be shot at, look elsewhere.............the world aint a safe place dude :cry:
  12. reaper - great response to wobbly head - had a slightly more diplomatic answer but.............

    Ugly -
    You mention concerns about your sons joining but have they mentioned to you that they even want to - you don't say, If they do how much is that influenced by your experience of the army eg tales of your adventures as they were growing up (don't underestimate this, my parents were both army). Do they understand that things are not the same now. I don't mean to sound patronising as a parent I understand your concerns re mobilising.
    also despite what is going on there is still a lot to be gained by being in so try not to focus on the 'war' aspect too much it is still only part of what we do.
  13. Bit harsh methinks...I wasnt that uncivil was I? :oops:
  14. Erm..................YES! No-one minds you voicing your opinion Ex W but at the end of the day we, and I mean the ROYAL we, are in this sh1t together, so let's just get along. Or, you could fcuk off as previously invited :wink: :wink:
  15. Not really no. Bit harsh.