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sorry about this. i have probably gained my first deer permission. i have held my fac for approaching 5 years. i already have 22lr and fac air. considering asking for .270. budget of £1200 for rifle, mod, scope and mounts. suggestions and guidance gratefully sought.
thanks triggerigger
I'm not sure of the current prices, but Weatherby Vanguard 2, Howa 1500, Browning A bolt, and Winchester XPR, should be cheap enough from new to leave you enough for a half decent scope & mod.

Otherwise look at second hand, you can get some cracking deals sometimes (especially since .270 isn't all that fashionable at present).
Congratulations you will enjoy it.
I would endorse what tartan_terrier says about second hand. I think you can get a better rifle second hand for a fraction of the price than new. Have a look round, speak with and make friends with Local rfds . They will want your repeat custom for rounds and kit and find a deal on a rifle, scope and mod. I bought a 308 with heavy duty barrel, scope mounts and custom trigger, all very clean and not a lot of rounds through it a few years ago for £400 on the last day of a game fair. It’s wooden stock and not the most fashionable but it does the job, is worth more than I paid for the set up, doesn’t have a trendy logo in sight and has never let me down on red or roe in all conditions.
You have the cash and they want to sell, take your time and enjoy looking before you choose. You will get an okay gun, scope and mod new or a good one second hand for your money.
Howa 1500 seems quite a wide range of options for the money (I believe they even do a 6.5 Grendel option. IIRC Ugly was experimenting with that round... or was it .280?) there's the CZ 557 which is usually a solid option if a bit old fashioned or you might find a s/h Tikka.
thanks browning is on my list. is 270 ammunition likely to become rare? (remember wsm was going to be big) i doubt I'll get 308 so that leaves. 243. its all very interesting. when i got my fac i let the gunshop talk me out of 22lr and into a wmr for rabbits. an expensive mistake with my first gun.
i do like my cz 452 silhouette in a function before form what it says on the tin kind of way. letter to feo tomorrow i probably have a possible mentor on the land who doesn't go as often as he used to. if all the stars align im going to enjoy slowly finding a gun this time compared to the shopping frenzy that came with my first fac. its committing to a calibre thats making my head spin.
thanks browning is on my list. is 270 ammunition likely to become rare? (remember wsm was going to be big) i doubt I'll get 308 so that leaves. 243. its all very interesting. when i got my fac i let the gunshop talk me out of 22lr and into a wmr for rabbits. an expensive mistake with my first gun.
Not sure why you think .270 could be rare. It’s been around for donkeys and like .243 came from a mainstream cartridge. I’d still go for the .308/7.62 as there’s plenty of ammo available in a range of weights and does what it says on the tin be it ‘bambi bashing’ to foxes. It’s a good all round calibration to start out with imo.
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I don’t shoot 270, but you are guaranteed a to be able to get 243, 270, 308 at any RFD in the uk
More exotic calibres can be a bit variable to source although good rfds should have them but it doesn’t make sense for them to hold really unusual rounds in stock in the faint hope someone will want 20 rounds of it in five years time.
One you have the rifle find the brands and bullet weight your rifle likes and stay with it, re zero on each batch of that ammo you buy.
My rifle loved hornady 150 grains but I struggled to find it, some other brands it would spit all over the place so it looked like I had shot the target with a 12 bore.
However it doesn’t mind federal 150 grains and shoots them consistently.
Federal are a huge manufacturer and I can get the round at virtually all Rfds. I buy batches of rounds of the same batch number and make sure I zero each batch and don’t mix rounds of different batches.
Really dedicated guys load there own and spend a lot of time getting a bespoke bullet and powder combination just so. My friend has shot out a couple of barrels doing that and knows each rounds velocity.
I buy mine from an rfd, pull the trigger, it goes bang and the deer drops. ( hopefully)
I wouldn't commit 100% to any calibre, brand, or model yet. Nothing to stop you making a list of features, and calibres that you'd be interested in though.

And don't worry .270 ammunition isn't going to disappear anytime soon.

Keep your options open till you see what's available.
Perhaps wait for the next Holts auction in March(?). There are usually dozens of .270s in the sealed bid auction, many of them unused or little used. Even with Holts' excruciating buyers' premium, there is a good chance of a steal. Prices are very low because, as noted, .270 is not in fashion right now.
thanks for the nice replys. i didn't have the courage to first post this on the stalking directory! im steadily ploughing through the information. thanks again.
thanks browning is on my list. is 270 ammunition likely to become rare? (remember wsm was going to be big) i doubt I'll get 308 so that leaves. 243. its all very interesting. when i got my fac i let the gunshop talk me out of 22lr and into a wmr for rabbits. an expensive mistake with my first gun.
.17HMR as a first rifle I could understand, the trajectory makes it very easy to shoot but WMR seems a bit excessive for just rabbits.

Anyway .270 has been around for epochs not only does that make it fairly unlikely to go out of production but it makes for a wide selection of cheap rifles - there's 139 on Guntrader at the moment, starting at £100 and including a Parker-Hale with original manuals for £175.


The advantage of a T3 in .270 are many fold. You get a good rifle that can be gently customised, is a basic model and the cartridge means that it will use the full length magazines. There is nothing wrong with a used Tikka, I have sold a few and keep a left handed one in .243 just for those sinister members of the fraternity. It was a year old, wood stock and cost me £400 trade. A decent used fixed mag 8x56 or 6x42 will set you back 250-400 £s mounts included and I would recommend looking for a new moderator in an up to 30 cal model which means you can swap them around. B&T do smashing ones with interchangeable threads so you buy the thread adapter for the rifle and keep the one mod.
If you buy a used PH .270 be aware that those Santa Barbara Mausers were built on receivers made in bulk in spain and used by everyone when FN stopped making them in the 70's. I have a Sako .308 built on a FN receiver with a border barrel and a macmillan A5 stock. Screw cut with a 6x42 its on the site for £1750 but its an exceptional example.
The Spanish receivers have the grooves milled into the top of the receiver for the mounts. They don't always line up but adjustable mounts are available for these. I have 2 in stock, one in .308 £150 and one in 7x57 which I haven't priced but has the same problem. The .308 comes with the good mounts.
.270 wont ever disappear, its possibly Scotlands favourite cartridge but as others have pointed out there are much more versatile options Clayp1g and I had a 6.5 Grendel built, if you can get Highland Outdoor to ship they do indeed import them in that cal. We have also spent some time resurrecting the .280 British but as yet its a custom chambering and would wipe out your budget.
Creedmoor 6.5 is an alternative and Ruger are supposedly shipping the Ruger American in that calibre (and Grendel) for under £600 new, it is a synthetic stock rifle with a plastic trigger guard but its proven technology!
Shop around, the Howas when launched came as a package for £650 you got a rifle, mod and scope. That proved rather too successful so ended within a year.
Anytime you want a chat no strings just pm me and I'll send my phone number!


Don't apologise for starting another new rifle thread, its great fun.
My 2p worth I agree with most of the info above (I personally don't like .270 but I understand why people do). Where I used to live in Cambridgeshire 30.06 was popular, I personally think its over kill inside the 150m max you are likely to shoot there. On the hill in Scotland maybe.

A cartridge I often recommend is the 6.5x55 mild recoil, quite easy to get ammo for, with plenty of choice in projectile weights. Reloaded for easily (if you go down that route).

6.5x47 are very accurate mild on the shoulder and ammo is getting easier to find, reloading is easy for it as well.

One final though (no that's a big fat whopping lie). It's not the size of the holes it makes, rather where it makes them in your quarry. I find people who flinch with the larger calibers, start to shoot a hell of a lot better with my Grendel, after about 10rnds when they have sussed its not going to kick them. My DSC assessor described it as a polite little rifle after shooting a 12mm 10rnd grp at 100m.

As, I am sure you have guessed by now, your original question, when asked to 20 people will get you 20 different answers. So get to your local range (if you have one) and see if you can have a cabbie with a rifle or two, most people are happy to let you try theirs.


When we next have a sporting rifle day pop up to Bisley and there will be plenty of different rifles to try as a guest.
wow, thanks folks. i have the permission slip signed and now need to contact feo. working 7 days a week recently and up until 6th of feb. £££= . although i have some experience with deer culling its always been as an assistant. i need to read up on all the legal issues such as season, shooting times ethics unwritten and written rules . i assume giving the meat away is not an issue. what is the etiquette regarding the left overs? i have no problems with gutting skinning an quartering. and consider myself an adequate shot. thanks again for your help.

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