Builds Apollo Saturn V Airfix kit 1/144 scale

gathering some of the kits a tried to make as a kid and completely bodged up, here's a tank and a half...
box art.jpg

parts layout.jpg

plan diagram.jpg
I had the original Airfix kit as a Christmas present in 1968.
I waited excitedly for it to come out, only to find our local model shop had no plans to stock it and it was on backorder for orders by the release date. So I cycled to Basildon along the (old) A13, single carriageway trunk road and then back, one handed with the huge box under my arm. Mental.
I rediscovered it when I cleared my parents loft in 2007, prior to selling the house. It was the one kit I meant to keep and I left it by the loft hole while I took everything else over the tip.
I forgot about it, in all the things going on and only remembered weeks later, after the new owner moved in.
He's probably found it by now.
painted up J2 engines, tiny compared to the F1s of the first stage.
j2 engines painted b.jpg

the second stage with it's black top

the J2s test fitted to the second stage
j2 engines dry fitted.jpg
working on the tiny 1/144 scale LIM & CSM, when, postman Pat delivered old 66, another classic Airfix kit to make my Apollo "nerdyness" complete. I actually have an incomplete copy of that kit, but this one is sound, may have to scratch build the missing parts using this one as a master.
csm and old 66.jpg
mocked up the entire length of the Rocket just to get an overall length measurement for the base board, 98cm long by 15cm wide. soon be time to make the stands, two for each part.
saturn mockup to measure length.jpg
Lovely job Sprocket, I'd be tempted to run a blue/black wash over that silver
good idea, there's still plenty of time ....

the upper part of the support cut from a curve of plasticard and a strip joined together.
stands a.jpg
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I'm sure Concrete at the cape is professionally smooth, so here I'm using tile grout, smoothed as much as I can, when it dries I'll sand it to perfect 1/144 scale concrete. I still have a matchbox of the 1/144 scale civilians left over from my SRN4 Hovercraft build, they will be tourists rather than sea sick cross channel travellers.
base board a tile grout.jpg
the tops of the first stage support brackets, awaiting a blue colour like the real one's.
stand tops.jpg

the baseboard sanded and painted grey
base board painted grey.jpg

the third stage j2 and the capsule in chrome
capsule and j2 third stage engine.jpg
the interstage ring and second stage test fitted to their stands, Resin command module on order to replace the underscale Airfix one.
second stage and interstage ring mounting stands.jpg

the airfix CM in the kit was made underscale so it would fit inside the too thick shroud that was attached to the escape tower.
second stage and interstage ring mounting stands over view.jpg
not sure I understand how the re-purposed M113 escape vehicle was supposed to be used to save the crew if the Rocket exploded, have to look that one up.
M113 escape vehicle.jpg
made up the small stands that support the third stage, here it's just trial fitted as the decals haven't been put onto the kit yet, don't want to push it down to test the tight fit as I may not be able extract it to finish off the details still to go in, like the fuel cells.
third stage on stands.jpg
the resin CM hasn't arrived from e bay yet, so time to think about how I'm going to display the escape tower and cm shield and the LIM.
upper components laid out.jpg
not sure I understand how the re-purposed M113 escape vehicle was supposed to be used to save the crew if the Rocket exploded, have to look that one up.
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There's a bit here:
The other M113 sits empty with its back ramp open facing the door of an emergency bunker near the pad. If the astronauts have to take the slidewire baskets to get away from the pad, they would get out of the baskets and into the bunker. Then they can get inside the M113, close the ramp and drive to safety.

That's the routine all crews practice during the Terminal Countdown Demonstration Test, or TCDT. The STS-134 crew took part in the training March 30 as they prepared to launch on space shuttle Endeavour's last scheduled mission. The driving is a required course for each shuttle astronaut.

"Everybody has to drive the M113, so everybody kind of has to find their feel for maneuvering it," Seymour said.
Was going to say that the M113 was a Shuttle thing not Saturn/Apollo. There is also a bunker beneath 39A & B the was equipped to survive an incident - didn’t know about that until the recent anniversary footage & there was some from in there.

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