Apocalypse Survival

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Nixyab, Mar 20, 2013.

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  1. Been watching a few Apocalyptic films recently (The Road, 28 Days Later) has got me thinking.

    If Britain got locked off and everything was to stop tomorrow, how long could you last?


    Infrastructure, Utilities, Food, Water, Electricity.

    No Order General Masses Rioting/Scavenging

    What would be your Arsenal?
    What would be your plan of action?
    How long could you fend for yourself and survive?

  2. I'd just drink until I didn't wake up.
  3. Sounds just like modern day Swansea.
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  4. Step one- Immediately kill my neighbours with a big knife, take resources from them as needed to move to step two;

    Step two- Kill everyone on my way to a gun shop, kill everyone inside, take guns and ammunition

    Step three- kill everyone on my way to a car show room, kill everyone, take car

    Step four- kill everyone on my to a petrol station, kill all inside

    Step five- kill everyone who gets in my way as I drive to Scotland

    Step six- find secure location with forestry, wildlife and water. Kill everyone.

    Step seven- continue to kill as required.

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  5. As this is the UK, I'm pretty sure that I fancy my chances with most gunshop owners. The walty ones would enter into a debate about which round is best to slot a robber and I'd shiv the fúckers.
  6. Break into biggest supplier of Buckfast , stockpile it somewhere, and use it to become leader of an army of Glasgow neds and control the West of Scotland with my Burberry clad army.
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  7. For Arsenal I would take combat knives, try an obtain a 12 gauge shotgun from an old farmer and nick all the shells he has. Also saw the barrel off for extra badass effect. Bit of bungee cord over the shoulder.

    • 99L Bergen
    • One man tent
    • Water filter pump (+ tablets)
    • Fire strike starter
    • loads of books
    • Wind up torch/radio
    • Solar batteries usb charger
    • Snugpak Artic -50' sleeping bag
    • multi mat sleeping mattress
    • porn mags
    • SAS survival guide

    Head out for the hills Lake District/Peak District/Scottish Highlands

    I reckon I could last a few years.
  8. No raping of the neighbours wife?

    ******* homo.
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  9. I'd just get bitten and join the zombie hoard. Zombie chicks look easy.
  10. You haven't seen my neighbours :)
  11. I say again......******* homo :)
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  12. Then discover you were actually listening to a "War of the Worlds" type drama on the radio, and you are now in deeper shit than you ever imagined.
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  13. You seem to have latent anger issues.

    PS stay away from East Sussex please!
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  14. I'm not going anywhere near there- Ray Mears will be on the rampage in much the same style as me.
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