APFSDS How do they work inside the target tank ?

Discussion in 'Shooting, Hunting and Fishing' started by legs-o-lead, Aug 3, 2010.

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  1. I know how they work in flight, but at a recent Army demonstration I got talking to a corporal from the RTR who said the exit of the round caused most of the damage to the target vehicle due to the pressure effects generated inside the hull.

    I wasn't able to fully understand is explanation. Can anyone enlighten me please ?
  2. Try posting this in the RLC thread. They have Ammo Techs after all.
  3. Kinetic energy penetrator - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    I know its wiki but it is OK. When the penetrator penetrates it in effect causes a discontinuation in the armour of the target i.e. it cracks it. Now as the crack penetrates through the armour the metal inside the crack has to go somewhere - the answer is that a lot of it goes inside the turret. It is fast (> 1000 m/s), hot and then in comes the penetrator. If its DU it then flashes inside the turret. And we haven't even hit any ammo stowage or fuel yet :)

    The aim is for the penetrator to stay inside the turret but on some targets e.g. a T 55 the long rod tends to go straight through even if the rod hits at an angle and breaks up.
  4. The Arrse Penetrating Flap Splitting Death Splatter (APFSDS) does exactly what it says on the tin.
  5. And there's me thinking they were all about lorries........ doh !

    I'll copy it over now. Ta.
  6. Having crawled around quite a few tank hulks that have been hit by APFSDS, I can offer the following..

    Damage comes from two sources:

    Initial impact with the hull causes fragmentation from the inner surface of the armour from spalling (even with spaced armour) before penetration. The breakthrough of the shot will generate futher fragmentation due to plugging and peeleing of armour from the inner surface. Fragments of shot/penetrator will also be produced if the shot breaks up on impact. All the fragments will be at high temperature due to friction heating. Depending on the materials (i.e zirconium) involved there may be pyrophoric (metal combustion) action causing a high temperature flame flash.

    The incoming penetrator, provided it stays intact, will then impact the opposite side of the armour. In many cases with MBT armour, the penetrator will have insufficient residual energy to penetrate the armour again, and will often have lost ballistic stability. In such cases the penetrator will shatter on the far side of the vehicle, causing further fragments to form which rattle around the inside of the armour causing further damage...

    Without access to sensor data records of pressure inside the hull during impact, I cannot comment on the blast effects. There is no doubt that there will be some, but I would suggest these will be less significant than the fragmentation hazard.

    Also do not forget that AFV contain fuel and ammunition, which in many cases are initiated by hot fragmentation and/or pyrophoric flash, and effectivley blow up the vehicle as a secondary effect..

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  7. You're just going to make so many friends arn't you?
  8. No disrespect to Ammo Techs but you may get a more experienced answer (of the effects) in the RAC forum?

    Google "Pyrophoric Effects" ^_~
  9. Talking about interesting Penetrators..... we came across MBT & AFV targets in Iraq that we were unsure what had taken them out, until we spoke with an Abrams MBT crew in Baghdad and all became very clear!

    I give you the 120mm 'STAFF' Round:

  10. Didn't think the XM943 was on general issue..

    I would have thought that the majority of top attack hits would have been from TOW and other missile systems...
  11. From the horses mouth (the Abrams crew) ... they used them in Iraq and they proved very effective.
  12. Hmm Interesting..

    Although I suppose a tank crew would claim all top attack kills as a matter of course...!
  13. Well, can't be worse than being told to f off after asking what i thought was a genuine question on another sub-forum. I love this place - you never know if you're going to get a proper answer or a ragging.
  14. 40mm APFSDS demo here on You Tube at 1:57. There are probably more.

  15. Do we use the XM943 120mm Tank Round?