evening troops, my cadet unit wants do do a monthly apfa but scaled down for them, does any one know what the time limits were for how may sit up in how many mins etc and what were the time linits for the run? ive forgotten as it was 10 yrs ago since my last one, also any other RTR cadet units out there ,i would like to get in contact with you ref events etc
cheers all
well ive only ever done a basic personal fitness assessment with my otc.but the standards i think are-sit ups in two minutes(best effort) press ups the same and a 1.5 mile run in 10.5 minutes

so its mainly the run that will cause problems.howver if you want i can ask my mate back home in cadets-he is a company commander to see what they are using these days in his unit.if so pm me and ill see what i can do

Mudbloodgreenfieldsbeyond, you want to be very careful with this. Unless you have a fully-qualified muscle-buster, have checked with the hierarchy and have done some sort of risk assessment I would not recommend doing any PT outside the realms of the APC (even then I'd be cautious nowadays).
absolutely right guys.obviously these exercise standards are not designed for kiddies so may not be safe. i suspect you should be ok with the sit ups and press ups to a standard quite similar,but the run is where you should be careful.like the others have said check with the TSA
I didnt think you needed a PTI to do APC PT......thought that was the point of it not being too military orientated.

MBGFB, to be honest, the basic APC syllabus is a scaled down version of the BPFA or whatever, as it involves press ups/sit ups/stamina run/sprint. There isnt a 1.5 mile run but you end up running anyway during the session. If you get bored of the basic syllabus, get an AI who knows where to find them to print off a Generic Risk Assessment, theres a whole host of sporting activites covered by these.
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