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Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by OMGIMAGHOST, Feb 26, 2008.

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  1. hi everyone im new to this site so if i have posted in the wrong place im sorry ok i have applied to join the english army as an infantry soldier i meet every fitness demand but 3 years ago i had to take one asthma pump out and i havent ever had an asthma attack or even used it im now currently making an apeal and my docter is going to give me a great letter saying that i havent used it and it was only a precaution im also getting my mum to write me a letter stating the same thing..

    im just basically asking anyone who has apealed to come forward and please tell me how theres went because if all goes to plan i should be at the selection centre within the next 2-3 weeks.

    thanks for your help and time.
  2. English Army?
  3. If your Doc is explicit that the inhaler was for a chest infection and not asthma you should have no problem. You need to make sure that he is indeed explicit about this otherwise the jobsworths in recruit selection will bugger you around.

    They seem to automatically consider any use of an inhaler as a diagnosis of asthma which is a 4 year stopper if you don't clarify the point.

    Good luck.
  4. so you say you've never had one. I think it's if you have not had a asthma in 3 or 5 years then it's alright.

    Good luck anyway mate.
  5. yeah its the english army and i have never ever used the inhaler at all i very fit. so if i tell my docter to absolutely STRESS that the inhaler was precaution and was only for a chest infection and that i have never ever suffered from any shape or form of asthma attack then it should be good?
  6. Don't think we've had an English Army since the Stuart dynasty.
  7. Read your PM!!!!!!!!!!
  8. i definatly havent had asthma for 3 years they said if my apeal doesnt go through that id have to wait til next year because thats when the 4 years of no asthma will be over.. but i just want anyone who has apealed before about asthma to come forward and maybe tell me if the got in easy or got in at all thanks to everyone who has replied again i dotn want to sound repetitive :)
  9. Were working on it though...
  10. I repeat. Read your PM`s. On the bar at the top got to "MY STUFF" then click on private_messages!!!
  11. English Army? :eek: Thats a bit disheartining to us Scots :(
  12. Clicky here
  13. sorry i meant the british army im not trying to be ignorant mate :) so sorry to who ever i may have offended
  14. Too late, this means war...or at best a stiff post card to the Home Secretary...or sod it, indifference...yawn...