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Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by HEART_STOPPER, Oct 8, 2007.

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  1. APE kit is the water purification kit for the water bowsers.

    We have our guys working down the hangers sorting out kit for exercise
    can anyone please tell me where I can find the info on what each kit comes with and how many as we have loads of the stuff and its been years since I've seen it used.
  2. each bowser should have a ces,, tools parts ect list.. your qm tech should have a copy if youve lost yours..
  3. Surely whoever signed for it checked all the parts against the CES? :D
  4. I will dig out the Ces schedule numbers in the morning as my lad has knocked off with the keys to my store
  5. Apart from the CES, your Q bloke or OM (T) department should have the AESP for it. This shows you nice pictures of the kit and what it should attach to.
  6. Guys thanks for the replys we have looked for throught the tech library
    but its in a pretty bad way at the moment as the TQ post was gapped for some time, also the offices have been moved around a lot but the new guy in post is getting there so hopefully we'll get it soon.
    Trailape, the ces no would be great :D
    barbs a lot of people in the sqn have changed over and sadly things like this get forgotten but we will get there even if it kills them 8O , not me i'll be doing the killing :twisted:
  7. Tried contacting Battlefield Engineering Wing (survivability) at Gibraltar Barracks?

    The AESP should provide CES and operating instructions.
  8. Heart Stopper

    Sorry about delay but had a couple of days off due to a new arrival in the family,
    You need AESP 4610-B-110-201 Water Carriage Pasck Mk2 Operating Info
    Look in chapter 6 it covers the CES for APE
    Chapter 5 Annex A covers the CES for a single and Twin insterlation

    Hope this helps