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Exactly what is helpful about it? Why dont they bin the helpdesk and put in a few more fax lines, afterall thats all we end up doing.

I am fed up of telling the guys, Glasgow have messed up, or more common these days, "I have sent 2 faxes now and they haven't done anything about it". The thing is Glasgow end up giving us a bad name, Glasgow only get a bad name among us SPS, the blokes all think we make it up. Its now got to the stage where I fax Bde.

Have things really gone that far down hill now and if so why?????
I have no problem with the 3600 Enquiry Service if thats what you mean. APC Helpdesk is another section that I have never had to deal with.

If you have a TSR number then there is no reason to fax, they would just stick it through on a template.
You shouldn't be faxing anyway, they won't do it on a fax unless you have transmitted it on UNICOM first. Only thing they accept faxed are K1325's, AWOL's, and Banking. Thats not the Enquiry Service's fault, thats the back offices cracking down and not wanting to do anymore work than they have to.

The ES is alright, it has it faults but if you think you're being fobbed off.. *one guy in particular is very good at it* ask to speak to the team leader, she seems to be ok and she's not a jock so you don't need a translator.
completely true.. I tried and failed miserably.

Apparently the God's at Worthless Down don't like us sorting our own pay.
Every time you have a problem with the helpdesk fill out one of the complaint forms that go to DSPS(A). We have found that this produces a very quick reply and AFPAA generally get the arrrse in gear and do what yoy wanted them to do originally.

Any and every important document/form/claim we send to them we send Recorded post and this has reduced the number of times they claim to have lost the item. Recently however they claimed not have had a document we had faxed (and had confirmation of receipt) four times! One complaint form though fixed the problem.

If we all use the complaint system properly them the CoC might just see the problem!
I used the complaint system once paymaster, and was quoted some obscure regulation that a person in my position at the time of said obscure publication being published, had no chance of being able to read, as I was buried heid deep in other obscure regulations dealing with the job I was actually doing at the time of the quoted obscure publication being published. However it was good to know that I had made a mistake and that Glagow were free from all sin, even though they could have had the courtesy to call me up and ask me to amend the error of my ways at the time the balls up actually happened, thereby avoiding the conflict which exists to this day between folk in my position and the APC ...... Hope you could follow that coz that my friend was the type of answer I received from DSPS(A), in plain English of course.
the unhelpful desk is a waste of time. we were recently told that they would not confirm or deny receipt of any letters or faxes. And the new FOI is a waste of time. All APC or AFPPA do is phone the unit to get the relevant answer.

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