Can anyone help me with a contact number and name for R IRISH desk officer at Glasgow?

I am presently sick at home and have been four the last four months with no contact from my unit. I have written a general letter of disgust to desk head R Irish/Paras but do not have a name so needless to say someone will read it then shred it. If I get a name at least I can get the letter recorded and have an audit trail. Any help would be appreciated. :(
The only number I can find on line at the moment is:

0141 224 2595

Even if it's not the desk your after I'm sure they will be able to help out...


Am receiving a very good service from SAM team but if feel disgusted by my battalions lack of interest and wish to stir the pot a bit. After 20 years with them a bit of manners and common courtesy wouldn't go amiss, or am I just being naive?

It all depends on whether or not you have been posted (sorry JPA Assigned) to the SAM team, then you are no longer the responsibility of your previous Regt, though of course they should maintain an interest because hopefully one day you will be returning to them.

Whataver the case, your SAM Team should maintain contact with previous unit to keep them informed of your progress. If you want Unit to make contact, inform SAM Team and tell them to tell your Unit. A letter or a phonecall from Unit shoul dnot be too much to ask?? :roll:

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