APC Glasgow - Sh1t, or what?

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by redsquirrel, Jul 19, 2006.

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  1. At the moment, this is my only job and I'm overdrawn for the first time in years, bank charges are stacking up and I'm having to put payments on my credit card (so will incur interest on that, too!). All because APC Glasgow don't seem able to get their sh1t together and pay us accurately.

    Does anyone have any idea why APC Glasgow seem totally unable to pay us at regular intervals, the right amount owed? I've always been paid between the 10th - 12th of each month, but in April it was the 15th, May the 17th, June the 19th. This month's has yet to arrive!

    How far in arrears must APC get before someone does something about it? Is anyone monitoring this slippage? And why can't I get a straight answer? Anyone else having similar issues?

    Rant over...
  2. Yeah, got paid on the 8th of last month. Still waiting for my money this month. That said, I'm happy to be paid at all.
  3. Fair point, GreenMan, providing we DO get paid at some point!
  4. I heard last night that due to unicom, pay won't reach us until the end of the month. This is the second time in 3 months for me.

    If this was to happen to the regs on their pay day there would be uproar.
  5. dont worry to much about being payed , worry about being overpayed , glasgow has overpayed guys in our troop , from 20 to 400 quid . thats a problem !
  6. Again a fair point, Mega. Last time I was overpaid, they demanded the lot back in one hit- several months later.

    Shadow, I sincerely hope you've been misinformed. My Unit Admin clerk was told the pay would arrive 'in the next few days' but that was last week.

    My particular problem is the lack of parity, some in my unit have been paid already, others haven't...despite having submitted their claims on the same day!
  7. Hi folks, I've just joined the TA in Glasgow. Continuing the pay theme - is it really all over the place with the payment dates? And should I keep a note of when I attend, and what days I do in order to check I'm getting paid the right amount? I know it sounds obvious but just want to start out right. Cheers!
  8. Bloke I know (etc etc) got paid two bounties a couple of years ago. APC are always quick to realise that sort of error and reclaim it. How many times have we heard 'don't rely on TA pay'? Why? Why should we put up with this? Now I am vaguely grown-up TA pay is, to be frank, fun money, but I remember when I relied on it as a student , and could be left on cold beans for a week because of Glasgow. God knows how bad it will get when they go to this tri-service admin business. Then again, I bet crabair don't get this sh1t.
  9. I'm in a simelar situation as this is my only job at the moment too. My unit is being great as I have just finished University and they are keepng me employed. the pay date doesn't seem to be too unpredictable but I am not yet ready to set up any direct debits/standing orders based on the pay date to be on the safe side. The trouble I'm having is being taxed at basic rate when this is 'my only/main job' and having alot of difficulty getting my tax code adjusted despite filling in the relevent inland revenue docs.
  10. a few issues here.

    if you're in the TA for the money then you may end up being dissapointed

    your pay sheet is signed and recorded at your unit on different days. it goes to glasgow on different days of the month and therefore not surprising that it gets paid on different days in the month. not everyone gets there pay sheets on in time at the end of the month and so it varies.

    standing orders from TA pay? ouch! what if you don't do any training in a particular month?
  11. In principle, Mr T, I agree with what you're saying, however...

    Normally, I wouldn't be relying on my TA money alone so my present circumstances are somewhat exceptional, but I still don't see why I should be kept waiting for payment. I don't know about your unit but many units (mine included) send pay sheets in on the last working day of each month, so payment should be fairly regular.

    The truth is Glasgow just can't be arrsed to get it right, noone is taken to account for it, and so they continue to do it. We can't phone Glasgow directly, so can't take it up with anyone. There should be a helpdesk at the very least.

    Last month I asked my pay clerk to look into it. Glasgow's response was 'Hasn't he got any savings he can use?' What sort of an answer is that? If I had any savings (I don't because I used them up the month before to pay my bills), why should I dip into them because of someone else's incompetence?
  12. Have had the same problems as all the above. Been told it's due to a changover to FORGE.

    However I am royally fucked off, excuse the language, with the chippy little bint at the pay department of APC Glasgow. "We can not inform an individual serviceman about their own pay" I told her exactly what I thought of that. Probably best I didn't give my name.

    The army is seriously starting to look worse and worse. Excitement levels are low, admin cock ups are huge I've just lost the chance to do a promotion course due to various cock ups or simply "hurrumph" attitudes at many different levels and locations. "Well get yourself into a posistion where you can change it" yuo may say, well that would be nice. If the courses to get there didn't dissapear from viability due to my previous.

    Now for some Jock bint who is probably sitting on a £2000 ergonomic chair watching the home shopping channel on her sparkly 40inch plasma in the office tells me that I'm not allowed to know about my own pay situation. Surely the British Army should be above this? Pay is a basic part of morale. Claim what you like about doing it for lot's of reasons, to not have the pay your owed, especially when like me you're travelling huge distances to get to your training and missing out on other opportunities for better pay for it you do start to wonder what the hell your doing there.

    Anyway my final point is this. If you work in APC Glasgow you are **** and I hope whoever pays you decides to take away your earnt pay. Oh wait, your sitting pretty, I forgot.
  13. Sorry I must be one of the lucky few.................either that or our cheif clark is good at his job ...........got paid on the 11th July...........as of yet not had aproblem with pay.
  14. Actually they are damn good chaps at APC they successfully set low standards and fail to achieve them.
    When I swapped messes only took them two months to pay me and when it did come I was a month short in pay other than that it went swimmingly :)

    Of course you could always be a tad more conservative on your spending knowing how unreliable they are or change the billing dates on your credit cards to give yuorself a buffer to accomodate them :)

  15. Thats not that bad Baz, had one month were the numpties forgot to pay me when i was in the regs had to get cash paid out the RAO :evil:. However not all fcuk ups are that bad after my 1st years bounty in the TA I suddenly found myself on top whack a secret that I havent had the heart to tell them :lol: