APC Glasgow - Is it moving elsewhere?

Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by Stuck-in-the-middle, Feb 14, 2007.

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  1. Is there any truth to the story that APC(G) is to relocate following the introduction of masive call centre type office buildings in the local area threatening to poach the pool of potential staff????????

    The thread is that in the past, the MOD hit an untapped resourc in Glasgows poor employment market. But now with better PnC's on offer (or soon to be) accross the street, recruiting is (or expected to be) slow and staff are due to leave. The MOD is looking to go elsewhere!

    Why was it ever based in Glasgow anyway?
  2. Why not Glasgow ?
  3. Why not Glasgow ?
  4. I hear it's getting outsourced to Delhi.

  5. Funnyily enough I think thats where I'm getting through to nowadays. :pissedoff:
  6. APC Glasgow, move? I thought it had disappeared up it's own backside!
  7. The decision to base the APC in Glasgow was no doubt a poltical one, just as is basing the Defence Logisitics College in South Wales. Phoney Blair has obviously realised that any support he had in South Wales is being lost and so this may create much needed local jobs (and thus improve Labour party prospects in next election). I was always under the impression that APC Glasgow was only ever a stepping stone to a much larger "tri-service" personnel centre to be based somewhere (but who knows where) - I've heards rumours of this rumbling around for a long time.
  8. Surely we don't need all this real estate anymore, can't we just have a big server in a basement somewhere and rely on JPA to do all of the work.

    It'll be a blameless virtual office.
  9. Oops double posting!
  10. It went there just over 10 years ago when the dock yards closed as 'compensation' for the jobs lost. It was recognised as probably in the wrong place but it was a relatively cheap solution to the then problem.

    Circumstances have changed, I'm sure along with all the other squeezes placed upon MOD finances, the cost of maintaining it in Scotland away from the centre of gravity of the Army has been a factor in a study somewhere.

    It'll be defunct when JPA is up and running, won't it? :twisted:

    :elephant: ?
  11. OldSnowy

    OldSnowy LE Moderator Book Reviewer

    Excellent! Does that mean that the staff there will speak decent English?

    Couln't resist that one.
  12. I hadn't heard that rumour, but recruitment is an issue up there now because Scotland's economy is doing so well. I was up there a few months ago and Glasgow is positively blooming (compared to what it was like a few years ago).

  13. ROFL!

    Even if my family hails from Glasgae....

  14. From 28 Feb Glasgow is closing for 6 weeks to transfer everything to JPA. I have been told there will be no work during this period so watch out for the backlog when the 'new' system comes in. Hoping for your pay or TA bounty any time soon? Watch and shoot! :pissedoff:
  15. APC moved to Glasgow, starting in 1986, as part of the Government's initiative to redistribute jobs around GB.

    The first component parts were RE MRO, R SIGNALS MRO and RCT MRO, moving from Brighton, Reading (Caversham) and Hastings respectively.

    The decision was taken by Heseltine, so Bliar not to blame for once.

    In due course the MROs from Chester, York, Exeter, Hong Kong and Leicester moved as well. All a bit sad at the time and hundreds if not thousands of years of manning and recording experience lost.