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Hi all,

Did any of you play APB last year? Remember, that title developed by RealTime Worlds at the cost of some £50,000,000 rushed into release by EA (who I think were bank-rolling it) and tanked within 6 weeks? Flawed business model, flawed driving model, flawed in many respects but still, at the end of it, damn good fun.

Well, when RTW went into administration APB was sold for a fairly paltry sum (circa £1,000,000). It is now going to be released as free to play (well, with micro-billing for those that want an advantage) with it going to open beta tomorrow.

May need a decent spec machine as it is RAM hungry but well worth checking out.

For those who don't know it is cops and robbers in a fairly big city with instances of 100 players - think GTA.




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Cheers for the heads-up. I always fancied giving this a shot but it had keeled over before I got around to it. F2P games always worry me, but I can at least give it a go!

If you do give it a go I'm playing on the Obeya european server as a criminal. Free-to-play gives you two character slots so you can have both an enforcer and criminal character should you so wish.

If you fancy starting an Arrse clan drop me an invite.

I'm on Obeya if you want to setup a clan?.
I personally play Enforcers more :) so .... Arrse Plod?

What's your char name(s)?
Ye got into CB quick, will be on this evening so will add you!


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They've delayed the open beta release so I won't be on quite yet!
They've delayed the open beta release so I won't be on quite yet!
It was because of a bug where it'd kick players after 1-2hours gaming, as soon as it is fixed the OB will re-open
Well I've got it downloaded and I've signed up for an account, but apparently the login server is down. I assume that's because Open Beta hasn't actually gone live yet? Let me know when it's up and I'll get stuck in.
In case you hadn't spotted this has now gone open Beta. I've had internet issue for the past week so haven't been able to play.

Unfortunately, with the influx of open beta players there is a very nasty queue system on European servers. If you do decide to give it a go choose the Obeya server.

I agree Qouth, the queue system is a royal pain in the arrse! Supposedly Premium players skip the queues, not sure though.
A mate of mine (non-premium) logs in and skips the queue!

I'm still trying to establish what settings are allowing him to do this.

The really annoying part of the queue is how woefully inaccurate the time estimates are. Last night it estimated 25 minutes and took about two hours. :-(

I've only ever skipped queues once now I have nearly an hour wait to get in, I'm not aware of US servers having this feature .... The issue is when you do get in loads of districts aren't even full.
I've been away all weekend, having spent an hour on this before I went. When I got back to a queue I immediately fucked it off. So far I've found the mission system to be confusing, the tutorials to be inadequate, the driving to be utter shite, and the combat to be completely disinteresting.

If I manage to skip a queue, or at least find a short one, I'll give it more opportunity to impress. It's unlikely to be for a couple of weeks, though!
Yep, the driving mechanic got a slating when the game was initially released. If you're operating with any sort of lag you're pretty much screwed. However, with a bit of practice you can get quite good at it - light touch on the handbrake!

The mission system has changed quite a lot since the original game. Before you had the opportunity to accept of refuse missions. Now if you set to ready you will get allocated a mission with no acceptance options. The tutorial doesn't go into much detail but there are a couple of mission types, i.e. steal and deliver, destroy/blow up, spray paint, etc. You can also be allocated a mission to prevent the opposition completing a mission they're currently on - these are more the guarding and intercepting type missions. Similarly, during the course of your missing opposition may be assigned to you to try and prevent you completing your mission.

The combat on an individual basis isn't stellar but in teams it is great fun. I would suggest joining a public group (always a dodgy proposition as you'll get some tosser who will rage quit the team and rubbish you all as 'noobs' as soon as you lose) as you'll pick things up pretty quickly that way. That and having a team mate driving allows you to hang out the window and take pot shots at whatever takes your fancy.

They seem to have increased capacity on the European servers and the queues are gone.

Also done some work on the matching system meaning you don't get steam-rollered by some vastly superior team!

Had a bit of a tinker about with this yesterday as both an enforcer and a criminal. Nothing special but can be fairly entertaining for a quick(ish) bit of fun.

I have found the matchmaking a little hit and miss at times, had an instance yesterday where my two man criminal team was matched against six enforcers, funnily enough it didn't end well for us. Having said that, I have also been matched up against a team we have steamrolled so I guess it can just as easily go both ways.

I think I will stick with it for a while as I don't really have much else to play at the moment as I am still waiting for Star Wars: The Old Republic to be released (god only knows when that may be!).

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