Apartheid in GB

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by nodigitsever, Sep 26, 2007.

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  1. as we natives are now second class citizens in our own country, isn't that called Apartheid?

    shifted before the usual happens and it gets messy, which is a pity as there were some amusing posts and it had potential to stay that way. If the "grown ups" want to have a serious chat about the issue start a thread in CA or Int Cell. The NAAFI is not the place. mk
  2. No, it's called social inclusivity. Apartheid is the exact opposite, but at least you know where you stand (unless it's reserved for the other lot).
  3. Second class to who??
  4. sorry third class

    first class are immigrants

    second class are Gays

    we are third class
  5. If you're gay AND a native which class can you claim? Do you have to officially claim gay status or can one just mince about in Jelly sandals with a T shirt tied at the chest?
  6. Is there a reason for asking?
  7. How long before you can be a native and join the 3rd class? Is it one or two generations? I could be going up in the world!
  8. Yes, the opening post sugegsted that natives are second class citizens. A further post indicated that natives are now third class citizens after gays. I was just asking for clarification on which class a native gay person should claim at their local government office. Ideally, if one would like to be put into a classification, one would want to claim the higher bracket as I am sure the perks are much nicer. I was curious as to how one would go about requesting the higher class status, for reference only of course.

    Can one be officially gay AND be a native or is one forced to chose?
  9. What about a Gay immigrant who's lived here 30 years???
  10. Well he/she would be silly not to claim his or her 1st class status. :D
  11. Do gay females get classed as 4th class as they are technically woman and so come after men or does the gay bit elevate them?
  12. So therefore an immigrant pregnant woman working as a traffic warden would be the height of sophistication?

    I better get my make up kit out...
  13. One question and so many answers....

    Gay females are technically women. Technically? Woman and technical in the same sentence is bad grammar.

    Women come after men? Isn't that a bit selfish? I know it's quicker and easier that way, but you should at least try to get her to come first.

    Does the gay bit elevate them? No, you're thinking of ladders.
  14. Only if she's waiting for her mock GCSE results.
  15. nodigitsever, if it wasn't for the fact that your spelling and grammar were atrocious (yes, even worse than mine!), I'd say that you were a journo hoping to get some squaddies to say nasty un-pc things about immigrants so you could quote them in your left-wing newspaper.

    All of your posts seem to be about immigrants (and now seemingly gays too), or how vast hordes of immigrants have attacked/robbed/raped/cheated you, your entire family, and all your neighbours.

    Do you by any chance live in an asylum centre?