Apaches vulnerable to non-lethal weapons!

Discussion in 'Aviation' started by SilsoeSid, Nov 18, 2005.

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  1. Blatantly nicked from pprune

    Lets just hope those bad boys out in the sandy places don't use anything 'sharp'.

  2. well in all fairness, when flying at night a torch can destroy nightvision. OK, the chances of that happening is very very slim, but there is the possability.
  3. And to be fair, when your trying to train, at night when its most fecking dangerous, to have the cnuts who you are trying to protect sneak one up on you is completely wnak!

    Ok, its funny that they shine torches etc, but when they are being attacked by mr bad guy and asking why they are not being defended. If we turned around and said well we would have sent the helicopter, but you wouldn't let him train, so we can't do it - they would kick up a hell of a fuss!!!

  4. Fang_Farrier

    Fang_Farrier LE Reviewer Book Reviewer

    Or a more serious note
    Who's bonnier, Jemma or Charmer?
  5. Sorry oneshot, I missed the part on how Apaches combat suicide bombers!

    On an even more serious note, even if training, aren't you supposed to vary routes in order to avoid the likelihood of an ambush?

    Oh yes and avoid upsetting the locals!!
  6. Be even funnier if the locals that shine torches got a hole heap of incoming from the chin gun, as would some "bad guys" no doubt.
  7. What if the conflict escalates and they deploy "bin liners"?
  8. Fang_Farrier

    Fang_Farrier LE Reviewer Book Reviewer

    Can you fit Apaches with Night Sun?

    Give the locals a taste of their own medicine?
  9. Throw me my spurs, I'll ride them both hard for a couple of hours and let you know. :wink:
  10. It is an offence under the ANO to endager an aircraft.

    Yes, the rules also suggest that aviators should take all steps necessary to avoid people and livestock etc but we all know that isn't always possible and we try as hard as we can to avoid these areas.

    The fcuking yokels should have been locked up and their festering animals chucked in a lime pit. As for that horror 'Jemma', she should concentrate on paying for her own education as opposed to expecting the MOD to fork out for her flea bitten nag.

    These types pish me right off. No doubt a bunch of Guardian reading lentil eaters that complain about just about anything regarding their 'freedom'. Cnuts.
  11. They've got a chain gun. That would stop it.
  12. That is quite correct MLF, however I believe that the ANO offence of 'ENDANGERING SAFETY OF AN AIRCRAFT AND PERSONS THEREIN', relates to persons actually on board the aircraft that is being 'endangered'.
  13. Who the fcuk mentioned suicide bombers. I'm talking about defence in general. Say some nasty army decided to try and invade or said civvie is in another country and gets captured and needs a rescue.

    At the end of the day this country, and by the sounds of it yourself included, needs to realise that the world is a nasty place and there are people who put their neck on the line to keep it safe for them. These people need to train to do that in order that they are always at the peak of their skills. This may involve some things that keep joe public awake now and again, small price to pay for freedoma nd security. If you can't deal with it either move away from the camp perimiter or move out the country! Either way STOP FECKING WHINGING!

    OneShot is now going to chill out with a beer!
  14. Sid. It is an offence to endanger an aircraft weather you are in it or not! I believe a farmer was prosecuted for doing a similar thing a few years ago.
  15. well apart fromthe only direct threat to the uk is pissed off locals comiting sucide and taking anyone near them along for the ride. So apache hardly going to stop it is it .Helicopters are probably the most annoying thing that flies around if mod cant keep the
    locals onside what can they expect . though chain gunning sounds fun .