While drinking slightly too many beers after coming off exercise last week I was talking to a 20-minuter (Gaz type) who was saying that potential Apache type pilots aren't getting enough hours in to start their conversions. Question is: was I too p*ssed to understand what he was saying? The story was something like: they need 1500 hours on other types before flying Apache, but most of them are only getting a few hours per month, therefore they will be qualifying for Apache at about the same time as they get their pension books. :?

The goal posts are the new type...they have rollers on the bottom in order to allow rapid and easy adjusting. I shouldnt worry about hours, just concentrate on flying grades.
I may be wrong, but I thought that you guys already had some abbos undergoing role conversion on the AH?

The Mushroom is quite right and the good news is that they are filming CTT4 so you can watch it in the quiet of your front room! :roll:

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