As someone from the ground looking up, I realize i'm not going to get a lift but will we see it flying over Basra or Belfast soon?, or will we have to wait until a really big bad enemy takes us on. Only asking as it cost so much and it's in the press so much that a quick flight out might be good for the troops to see? If your not busy that is.
It hasnt been fully released to the field Army yet. But standby, it should be coming to an operational theatre near you by this time next year I would imagine.
There's nothing wrong with the Apache at all .... but don't knock the controls as you first get into the thing (it will annoy the blackies)

...oh, and don't try to use the blade heaters... the magic smoke escapes
Thank you Padwife. I think that link supports my arguement perfectly... there is no way that all the blade heaters on the ones in storage have been disconnected! Cheers matey!
Right, i'll gladly state that i don't know an awful lot about any of these flying-machines...be they RAF or AAC...

...a lot has been made of the fact that these are AH-64D. What does the 'D' mean and how does it differ from your ordinary run-of-the-mill AH64? (As serves in: Saudi, Egypt and Greece[AH64A])

I'm sure it has more "stuff" in some manner, is it's efficacy viewed as 'more kit-better aircraft' or 'more kit-more to go-wrong'.
I've never had anything to do with AAC and as-such am rather lost regarding the new tank-killer.

It's certainly shiny, and 'new and improved' however at the risk of being a stiff, I am not sure that this is an appropriate subject to go into detail about (comsec). :?
Oi Greeniescum..you need soem glasses (or more powerful ones)

Where does the report about AH being in storage mention the Blade heaters.

Im not going into specifics on this site but they have been disconnected for a reason and that will include them all. Both you and I know why they are in storage. So for once stop thinking REME and think Aviation.
NiG, search google for AH64D or WAH64. Try Westlands own site (although I wouldnt both that much as they have a piccie of a Navy Lynx next to a caption saying 'Battlefield Lynx'! If they dont know.....).

Alternatley, buy the Observers book of Helicopters. I think Porridge gun can sell you one of his as he gets it every year.

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