Discussion in 'Aviation' started by Darthspud, Sep 5, 2005.

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  1. Just read a report in the current bun , says our Apaches need to be re-radioed.
    Another procurement blunder or is someone getting a nice fat backhander for supplying us crud kit again?
  2. Rumour is that they're actually be fitted for BLOS ( similar to the one which can be fitted to Merlin), and why not? Thre's nothing wrong with the functionality of the current installation.

    Not quite as the 'Bun' reports it!

    Now it is found that their radios do not work in mountainous terrain — and millions more must be spent on a replacement system.

    It is the latest in a series of expensive and dangerous blunders.
  3. Reported in BBC web pages too, and guderian etc
  4. I had to go and find this from the online version - under the heading 'chopper radios are duff'

    What does it mean? Firstly it's bungling military chiefs - that's a laugh, we know that procurement do it their way.

    Secondly what are they talking about being unable to talk to ground troops posiitoned behind hills, of course they can talk to ground troops positioned behind hills - there's a big feckin hill in the way that's why they can't talk to them.

    Maybe there is a problem with the radios but these statements just beggar belief - I wonder if anyone believes them. Feckin toilet paper.
  5. and just because the lady loves milk tray!
  6. Remember Opsec rules Crusty! Lots of scummy Jurnos look at this site
  7. Good call Zorro...sorted
  8. Calm down Z-man! This is all out in the open - even the UOR.

    So all it is about is loss-of-face for the many cretins, both politicos and green jobs who infest our procurement system. It isn't our business or to protect them. Nor is it inside the bounds of our loyalty.

    So it's open season. You wouldn't happen to be guilty would you? Burn the Witch!
  9. Not at all mate, but I don't think all of the info is in the public domain just yet!!

    The issue is that the AH64D has an american radio system (ARC201D Sincgars radio) (UHF and VHF) which is only compatible with current UK radios in the insecure LOS mode (Clansman and Bowman). In certain terrains this is a problem and will require additional eqpt to overcome. This is what the UOR is for.

    There are other aspects but this is not a technical forum so I wont bore you.

    BTW i am having a BBQ tonight if you need anyone burning!
  10. But surely they're going to fit the lovely little Bowman radio that the company who make lovely little Bowman radios showed me into the Apache? (and therefore enjoy all of the benefits that other Bowman users experience - 'cept maybe the blue screen of death)

    - and then tell those beggars to stop hiding behind hills!
  11. I saw two Apaches flying low over Bath (near Ensleigh) the other day. I couldn't give a stuff what comms kit they had on board, I got a semi-fatty just seeing them! When I first heard them I thought "that Hercules is flying a bit low"...sex on a stick boys and girls, totally shagtastic!
  12. Cuddles, you really need to get out more.
  13. Johnny,
    I was outside when I saw them...
  14. If you idea of 'getting out more' is synonomous with stepping out of the front door then that probably proves the point!!
  15. Opsec my Arrse

    You want to read Hansard (Minutes of Parliamentary Defence Committee to be precise)

    Freedom of Information Act Rules and all that......................

    Descent Jurnos (Janes Defence Review and the like) know more than you do, old boy.

    Scum Jurnos make it up since it a lot less hassle than hanging around here.