Discussion in 'Aviation' started by whitecity, Jul 20, 2009.

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  1. Something for the lurking AAC walts to enjoy.

    I assume the non-walting AAC will have read the original hardcopy version already.

  2. I walted to my hearts content with the hard-copy already (available free from Lambeth Libraries, and probably a library near you).

    On a side note, anyone know if you have to be British (for security clearance) to fly Apaches?
  3. No.

    Other Apache operators are available.

  4. Nope. We even have Welsh people flying them.
  5. :lol:
  6. During a sortie I once filmed my face with a video camera as an experiment. My eyes whirled independently of each other throughout, like a man possessed.
    “That’s disgusting,” my wife Emily said when I showed her the tape. “But does it mean you can read two books at once?”
    I tried it. I could.

    I can watch two porno films at the same time... will they let me fly an Apache?
  7. No, but you're almost qualified for Gazelle. Do you eat quiche?
  8. No, I prefer a nice tart
  9. Chicken Legs it is then - built for tarts. :)

  10. :twisted: Failing that you could become a QHI.... :twisted:
  11. You have to pretty much fail everything to become a QHI. :tongue:
  12. Or trash a couple of cabs...................
  13. Thought quiche and other high fat foods were the preserve of Lynx Pilots. Gazelle pilots are treated like the poor relatives arent they?
  14. "Quiche-eaters" is an epithet that used to be applied to those crewing the sperm-shaped machine. As in "Real Men don't eat quiche."
  15. Oh I see. Having my roots in Bowsermonging I only witnessed the very many instances when Gazelle pilots tried to get into the aircrew rations but were barged side by Lynx pilots eager to hide their horde.