Apache vs Night Hawk

I had a bad night last night. Lost my week's wages, about £150, somewhere in Richmond (I'm waiting to go to CMS(R) in June, so I'm just bar tending until then). Anyway, I was so fuming with my self I couldn't get to sleep when I got home.

Watching Family Guy last night at about 3am.

Stewie is in a battle for the playground with another kid, and end up in a dogfight, Stewie in a Stealth fighter, the other kid in an Apache.

In real life, who would win? Apache or Night Hawk.

Christ, I'm bored.
Street Hawk wins all the time... I have seen it on the telly, the bike was the daddy, unless knight rider was about - then he was the daddy... ypu can't beat our kit!!!
Mr_Deputy said:
Don't ask me I missed Family Guy as my mate found £150 in an envelope in Richmond (some tw*t must have lost it) and so we went and got proper wasted. What a night!!

:oops: Someone probably fcuking did as well.

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