Apache Vids

Discussion in 'Aviation' started by arko, Jul 31, 2009.

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  1. Try live leak. 8O
  2. The vids are pretty good, but the rant on the comments between some Walt, called Boarderx113, and some American type is hilarious.

    For example:-


    lol you put new zealand down i have the right to defend it. i can cuss as much as i like at people who disrespect my nation and my career. i can tell people im in the SAS i just cant tell you what i do for it. i havent told you what ive done so there is nothing wrong with me telling you what i do as a proffesion. do you think SAS operators have cover stories? wow deluded much.

    Time for a bit of Walt-baiting?
  3. I'd feel a bit like a walt if I tried as I'm a civvy myself but it could be rather amusing if the Waltenkommando were to turn on this target of opportunity!
  4. Job satisfaction I believe