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Probably got so many different answers because its aan almost impossible question to answer. It all depends on if you pass everything first time. How long you have to wait after grading to be loaded on a course how long you have to wait after pilots course to be loaded on your equipment course, thats if you even get to go apache, you never know, you might not make the grade. needles to say its going to be a while, and i'm talking years. I turned up at middle wallop on a 3 year posting and there were guys there on pilots courses, by the time i'd left some of them were still trainin to be apache pilots.
Mate, when on holds, the best advice I can give is find yourself something to do but do it with a convincing argument, not just "I'm going adventure training for a month". Then, keep the lowest possible profile you can. Promotion courses, however painful, are best done at this time also, you will learn that you have to look after yourself in this regard to the point of being pushy.
Find someone about 12-18 months ahead of you and ask them what they did and would they do anything different will always draw dividends.
Post RMAS, look at 24-30 months to become a line AH pilot and you will not be far off the mark.
GDSB said:
This is neither a WAH nor a journo incursion, but I’m fairly new so please play nice, if you would like my details, or would like to respond privately PM me.

At the risk of sounding like a total wannabe, I would like to know how long I can expect to wait before I am an actual factual qualified Apache Pilot.
I am a 22 year old non-grad, devoid of any actual military experience, and I'm due to start RMAS in a couple of weeks. Can anyone in the know advise me as to what the stages are and how long I can expect to work towards my goal from beginning to end? Sandhurst, Grading, ground school, EFT, CTT, E+E, etc.

I’ve asked my ACA and various others (including Google) but always get different answers.
Thanks in advance for your time.
Have you done aptitude and grading yet?

If not, get badgering at RMAS to get this done ASAP as leave grading places fill up fast. You have Choice of Arm stuff starting in about week 3/4 IIRC.
GDSB, you really need to get a move on as most in your position will have done all (interviews/grading/look at life) this prior to going to RMAS

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