Apache to Afganistan

Discussion in 'Aviation' started by AirCav744, Jan 30, 2006.

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  1. With the deployment of UK Apache's on operations for the first time, I am sure the unit/s will carry out its mission in the highest tradition of the Corps. What concerns me more is the availability/cost of ammunition. Gulf 1 & 2 required stacks of Tow & bullets.....cheap ammo in comparison to Apache. Apache pilots train with 30mil & rockets and maybe SAL missiles (correct me if I got that wrong) RF missiles cost at least £250,000 each...........therefore training is done in the simulator.
    Does anyone know if the AAC units going out, are being allowed to train on all types of ammunition and will be allowed to conduct operations with all types of ammunition and allowed to fire all types of ammunition freely without restrictions.
    Why can I picture the papers in several months time...........MOD deny that Apache pilots were restricted in the use of costly missles or MOD deny that Apache pilots were prohibited from using costly missiles.

    I wish those guys the best of luck............. 8)
  2. Hmmm - not too sure RF missiles can lock on to poppy fields !!!!!
  3. Poppy fields would be the least of their problems......but I appreciate your humour... :D :D
  4. Maybe talking about the kind of ammunition deployed on ops isn't a good isea in a public forum. Especially involving Apache.
  5. I take your point FNUSNU, but its no secret that we use the same/similar ammo as the US especially missiles...........which isn't hush hush...only their capabilities.....googling will throw up more info than you can shake a big stick at. Take a look at this link 16 Air Assault Bde.
  6. Fisrst world war == weapons of defence>weapons of attack||afganistan==cost to much to engage the enamy

    Answere =(((Catapults)&&(Dutch Arrows))||
    (Bolt Bombs&&air rifles)||
    ( (fart in there general direction))&&(wave my naughty pits at you)))
  7. The cost of a RF missile is the least of their problems. I wish them luck, and God speed ye gentlemen.
  8. WTF?
  9. Ammo, I am sure the QM will find them enough, but will there be enough pilots to use it?

    Have a good tour and keep safe folks.
  10. Nerd, uding PDL especially when your alignments are out!!
  11. What is worth using a hellfire on in afgan anyway? Unless the stand off range is needed . Its an anitiarmour weapon
    and very little armour in the hands of the taliban .Surly carrying more rockets is better . Not that I know much just more ammo is better imho . Though some of those rocket warheadsseem more than enough to ruin your day.
    Remember some newspaper article where they traced a hellfire fired in lebanon by the israelis at a soft skinned ambulance and got the yanks who built it too meet the guys it maimed .Struck me that hellfire didnt seem good at killing people in soft skinned vechicles though the missle in question was left over from gulf 1 so may have malfuntioned .
  12. Yet again the British Army is going somewhere because the rest of NATO couldn't be bothered/too scared/ cares about its troops. Whatever reason I hope the Corps do a better job than the cluster they pulled off in Telic. We should be alright though because Maj *RR isn't going..... the tw*t
  13. In the Falklands the Corps fitted SNEB to gazelles that they bought from the French - turned out not to be too accurate. Are the Canadian things more accurate??
  14. Sven, The SNEB rockets were inaccurate in the Falklands because the sighting system was a red chinagraph cross on the perspex of the Gazelle !!! It was a very hurried fit to the Gazelle purely to give it some justification for being there in the first place.
  15. We have now moved on somewhat - the Apache comes with lot of different coloured chinagraphs!!!!!!!!!