Apache,s woke me up from post lunch kip

Discussion in 'Aviation' started by MrMiffed, Mar 9, 2010.

  1. Having a post lunch kip in my van by Smiddy Shaw Reservior at 1315 today when 2 apache longbows flew directly over me and then proceeded to give a display of excellent tactical flying North towards the Tyne Valley. Its good to see the AAC back in the skys up in the North. :D
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    Were they black? Did they have UN markings, are you wearing a tin-foil helmet?
  3. 2 that's plural, ye gods, must have had an old Sgt running the hanger.
  4. If there was 2 they were probably Dutch Aviation!!!!!
  5. I may have seen the same 2 Apache's on monday afternoon. Was out for a blast on the R6 and stopped for a tea/pyss break at Chollerford near Hexham on the military road.

    Was good to see :D