Apache running cost !

Discussion in 'Aviation' started by jonwilly, Jan 11, 2008.

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  1. Gents I have been reading on another board that the cost of flying is the Apache' is 46,000 pounds per hour.
    Am I the victim of a wind up ?
  2. No, you're the victim of misleading accountancy.
  3. or a cnut.
  4. Any Idea on true costs ?
  5. No Dog still got sumfing dangling.
    Any useful words ?
  6. Hello jonwilly,

    I had a debate with Richard_North about this subject on another thread.
    There are many ways to calculate the operating costs of an aircraft.
    This figure is probably inclusive of all costs,such as air and groundcrew training,depreciation,basing costs and so on.
    Direct operatings costs would be much lower,though I have no idea what they are,they still won't be cheap.

  7. Cheers Tangosix
    46K seems a very high figure and I was wondering about cost in general.
    Avaition is and always has been a High Priced item in anyones budget.
    Seems to be a sore point with some folk and now I wonder why.
  8. If the crabs operated it, it would probably cost double the current cost.
  9. Teeny Weeny Airways was the old name for the AAC.
    The RAF had a big say on the MAW of aircraft operated by AAC and kept the army limited to small aircraft.
    I undestand that the RAF was also a big factor in preventing the RN from getting their new Big carrier in the 60, which led to the Through Deck Cruisers of today.
    The RAF where never able to provided Worldwide coverage in a Practical sense.
    Not really an interservice thing but more typical lack of long term planning by so many UK Governments.