Apache officer named Young Woman Engineer of the Year

Discussion in 'Afghanistan' started by MoD_RSS, Dec 12, 2011.

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  2. Woman does her job, Rah Rah!
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  3. Since when does an officer do any spanner work?
  4. Exactly
  5. Under a picture of her pawing at a 30mm cannon under the Apache...

    but later in the article

    I suppose a picture in deserts and osprey with a roster isn't really the sexy.
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  6. What has she 'Engineered'?

    Researched & Developed?

    Done differently to any other EME?
  7. The ultimate pie making machine?
  8. So is she a native american, or not!
  9. The Forces are supposed to be Equal Opportunities Employers, yet every 5 minutes its "Woman does this, woman does that, woman does this"
    Is it that unusual for a woman to do her ****ing job, that when one does they have to be rewarded? "Woman sits on fat arse all week, while men and women of Flight/Troop/Whatever do their jobs" Front page stuff that!
  10. To be fair, they probably had to find someone who wouldn't spend the entire ceremony trying to get a look at Myleene's nips, or trying to convince her that brown wings are a life saving necessity for all Services personnel!
  11. It's an IET award not a MoD one. Most IET members are going to be considered as "just doing their ****ing jobs" by most people around here ... (Yes, I am MIET!)

    She is a "fairly robust" young lady, 'though.
  12. TheresaMay

    TheresaMay LE Moderator DirtyBAT

    To add a slightly different slant on this story - The WAH-64 on ship is a relatively new concept - and the first time it's ever happened in an operational capacity. Undoubtedly there would have been many engineering situations that would have developed as a result of which; meaning she would have been managing an engineering enviornment in unchartered territory for Army Aviation. And although she wouldn't have been turning spanners per se, she would have had carried the can in terms of responsibility.

    I agree with PG on the whole Equal Opportunities stance - how many times do we see a woman (or ethnic / gay man) on the front of Soldier? Why is it always publicised heavily when it's discovered that someone is the "first woman to do this and that". Why was it such a big deal that Halle Berrie was the "first black woman to win an Oscar"?

    The field of engineering has always been a male majority, and perhaps always will be - but I cannot see any harm in Miss Joyce promoting the field of engineering for aspiring young female soliders. We've had a few grace our CSS lines over the years, some of which have been outstanding. We've also had one or two I'd gladly never work with again. But it stands to reason that a lot of the talented ones may be put off by a male-rich engineering environment.

    And so in summary, I don't think this is such a bad thing for Army Aviation overall.
  13. These awards are like the rest of the 'back slapping awards'.

    They are written up by half wits/fawners, and given out. I remember one of our Sgts getting an award for making a computer system more efficient. That was his fcuking job!!!

    Pretty much like most OBEs and MBEs too.
  14. It gets even better in the world of business. A company I used to work for would go for every award available..and it is easy to get one...if you pay enough for a seat on the top table!!
  15. Not disputing anyone that picks up an award - good luck to them, but why does that fact that she is a woman have so much to do with it ....... do catch up Harriott Harperson is now in opposition.

    Remember that movie with Robin Williams as the advertising executive that started telling the truth in adverts, well how about this.

    "One of our mechanic's supervisors has tits - really interesting"