APACHE Lean Pulse-Line

Discussion in 'Aviation' started by WTZ_TWR, Nov 2, 2006.

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  1. Oh you poor sods.

    Us proud wearers of the coveted blue/grey have had LEAN and Pulse Lines for a while now, some units are reverting to how it used to be and others are putting their fingers in their ears and saying "la la la".
  2. " Subject to Spares availablity"
    My my heard this tale before.
    Lean, on time, yeah Good for a civvy production line but for a fighting Biteing army ?
    No The military in time of war, Needs Fat on the system to replace all the kit the Enemy will wipe off the board.
    But of course sucessive Government have slimmed the system down and cum crunch time it will be Poor TOM who pays the price and that will not be accountable on a profit and loss system.
  3. It works rather well for the Harrier - far greater availability. I've heard nothing about the rest.
  4. Boll**ks does it, how many fubar'd harriers before they realised that moving them when not trestled correctly screws the airframe :roll: (they hid that well)
    Have been working a pulse line for the last seven weeks and it totally sucks. great for manufacturing, but not maintenance as no two aircraft are exactly the same, so tooling and spares are always a problem. :evil:
  5. What happens in the "black hole" pulse line. Middle wallop managed to get 3 ac back online in the time pulse did 1. Know what you mean bout it sucks. Not seeing the end product doesnt give a lot of job satisfaction. The MWallop guys are on their 4th 300hr service, the first one required an engine and MG box as well as the 300/600 service
  6. Is the fact that ACM, being a 50% Westlands company, has access to spares off the Westlands shelf that may be declared as unavailable to the military and therefore 7 Bn, anything to do with this?

    Couple of weeks ago 7 Bn had 17 airframes in the pulse line as opposed to the 9 they are supposed to have. Allegedly they cant get them through pulse 6 which is airtesting for a lack of spares etc.
  7. No, only "managers" are wastelands, spares wise they are still 673 Sqn and subject to the same spares issues as any other non tac unit.

    They are not a second line unit and with the manpower available still field 8 out of 12 all day every day and have to sort all U/S cabs not just 300hr.

    PULSE don't work, go back to the old fashioned "1 ac 1 team"
  8. Don't be too quick to blame 'Lean' and 'pulse lines'. No spares/tools means pulse or 1 ac 1 team will still fail.

    Not to sure about the Wallop v Wattisham thing, but when I spoke to them last year they could get spares out of Westlands using the old boy network.
  9. My point exactly!
  10. Not quite true but hey, don't let rumours.etc............. The main point is PULSE is pants, works in manufacturing but not in maintenance. The guys at Wattisham are so far behind, not their fault, that the line is already moving plans to the right by quite a margin.
  11. I heard that wattisham would struggle just to turn the Herrick cabs around quick enough.
    As for pulse not working, remember the IPT did not have enough tools/GSE etc to equip 7bat to run 1 Ac 1 team, so the death star was onto a loser from the start.
    I would like to say the guys on the pulse worked hard to meet the outdates when I was there, glad I got away from the place. Too much time was being spent at work not enough at home, remember this is a second line tour, somewhere to get your breath back before going 1st line and on op's. You can't keep pushing guys to work harder all the time eventually they will put there papers in and go and work for SERCO.
  12. "You can't keep pushing guys to work harder all the time eventually they will put there papers in and go and work for SERCO"

    fair call pongo_on_holiday, was at the banana the other day heading towards the clothing store to practice my de-kitting technique and bumped into a shed load of blokes in blue coveralls who were all ex-reme apache techs, left the army on the friday and were snapped up on the monday by serco. they all said the same thing, working for serco means they can do a job they enjoy, for better money without the army crap.

    also it seems that techs on the shop floor who work on apache are being disadvantaged as none have picked up their artisan for a few years.
  13. This is not a knee jerk reaction, it's a lot of years experience talking. Pulse lines don't work for this type of maint' for numerous reasons. It does work for production but usually only because people have got into a rut and Lean identifies the "ruts".

    Middle Wallop most certainly do not have a better or dodgy spares supply, if anything it's worse because of location; most of the spares are at Wattashambles and those that are at Westlands sail past Wallop on the way up there only to be then sent back after a few days of stacker pontification.
  14. ACM use the MoD's very slow PFDS (Priority Freight Distribution System) supply system just like all the other "Army" units. Any dodgy practices used to get spares are just the same dodgy ones used by all FAAcO's. There is a pecking order when two units want the same spare but that's decided by the DSU's ILOC and I doubt whether ACM get priority over the DSU from them!!??
    The pulse 6 probs are usually caused by lack of experience, both AH and general.
    Bottom line is, civvies are better because they have more experience and spend all their time working on aircraft. Let's face it; only when you are an experienced squaddie do you become a civvie!!