Apache & Hellfire by "Ed Macy"

I have just finished reading the above books .

I was very surprised at the level of detail of the Apache's operating methods and its weapon systems. OPSEC would I would have thought required less detail to be included as the Taliban can I'm sure read books like this and make changes to their modus operandi accordingly.

I would have thought the MOD would have made attempts to get the level of detail reduced.

That said, a fascinating read - just a pity there are such a small number of these choppers available in theatre.

Finished reading Hellfire yesterday and I thought it was good but not quite as a good as Apache. Falls short by just a smidge but I would still recommend it, cracking read. I liked the fact that he went so much detail, it really made the aircraft come alive to the vast majority of readers who may never even see one. The description of the encounter with the 23mm AA gun was briliantly written and without the level of detail on the systems would have been a bit vague.

One complaint though, for a book that is obviously so well researched I was a bit taken aback at the description of the "Nimrod from Lossiemouth", MR2's are at Kinloss, R1's at Waddington. A bit of an obvious error there which made me consider the accuracy of everything else, but just for a second.

Great read, really enjoyed it.


mistersoft said:
Imshi-Yallah said:

Don't the Taliban have a thing against reading?
Have to agree with them. That part of Berkshire is shite.
Sublime. Well done. :)

Have to agree with Hakagure's post above; "Ed" would benefit from someone giving his work the expert eye, as it would appear his latest offering has a few flaws, as did the previous. While to the layman they may not be significant, to the spotter they detract from an otherwise entertaining read.
If you like a chopper read:

Check out this forum link.

It's a book about CH47 IRT in Afg in 2006


I heard a rumour that Maj Hammond was heading over to Apache's next so he might give Ed Macy a run for his money in the scribing world. Although, sweating like a bootneck in a spelling test springs to mind!

I have to declare my interest - I co-wrote it and I am blatantly hijacking this Apache/Hellfire thread but at least is about aviation literature and sort of relevant.

My hubby is an CH47 pilot and he thought that Apache was a great read.
PS: If Ed Macy is still serving it would have been sanctioned by the MOD. I think he's out though because there a section that was quite contraversial in how it handled the treatment of the death of one of the guys. According to Amazon it was ghosted by Tom Newton Dunn of The Sun.

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