Apache Helicopter Flight Simulators

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by boris7, Jul 27, 2007.

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  1. Gies a wee go!
  2. Gies A Wee Glesga Kiss :lol:
  3. WTF!
    is going on in the pic?
    has the negaive been put in the wrong way?

    why is the bloke holding the cyclic (spelling??)with his left hand????

  4. Force of habit? :wink: ^
  5. Heh... an old drinking buddy of mine was one of the DoD contractor who ran the fight simulators on Ft. Campbell back a decade ago. Got to spend a few minutes in the Apache one after hours courtesy of him and loved it. Actually managed to keep the virtual bird in the air until something started shooting at me then promptly walloped a hillside by not coordinating my hands and feet. :D

    The staff there had scenarios they created for their own enjoyment... one of which was loaded by accident when one of the battalion commanders swung by for his requisite session (can't remember, think it was either a biannual or annual requirement for pilots to have a certain number of hours on it.) Poor guy found himself facing down several Mi-28's... he managed to drop two and dammage another before going down. My friend said he came flying out of the simulator yelling every obscenity known to man... once the fellow calmed down and they got him through the routine scenario he actually laughed and said the first iteration was more fun than the standard training.

  6. All depends if ya right or left handed ...duh :lol: