Apache earns its stripes above the Afghan battlefield

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Agent_Smith, Jun 23, 2006.

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  1. Well done those men! Just a shame it took so long to come into operation.

  2. Great news. Proves all the teething problems are over. Just to reconfirm support for all coallition soldiers in Helmand, good luck lads and stay safe.

    Does it not p*ss anyone else off, though, when you hear journo's banging on about Defence budgets and the like, such as those questioning the 'value for money' factor of the Apache? It saves lives, it's a valuable asset to the British Army, it's gotta be worth every penny or at least a damn site more than the billions of pounds wasted, skimmed, or otherwise 'unnacounted' for by various local governments every year.
  3. Happy for the AAC. Hope they get plenty more action.
  4. You have to ask yourself though - is this really what we bought it for? If the need is to provide intimate fire support for land combat operations then there are cheaper alternatives which could have been operational years ago. I should think that the SOR is long past it's sell by date in terms of the anticpated operational environments. Still if its all we've got........
  5. Yes, but it looks cool.
  6. All very fair points, but the longbow is the best attack helicopter in the world (perhaps only until the comanche comes online), one of the most adaptable, but also one of the most expensive. I think thats a pretty fair deal, and as such we should have it in our armoury ready to take on any potential scenarios.
  7. Sorry, mate. Commanche has been binned

    Edited: Beaten to it.
  8. Xenophon,

    Agreed that it was bought to slaughter the Russian hordes, but let's think about it.

    It kills people extremely effectively.

    I would want it scanning to the front when I (if!) was in the boonies. Especially if it was hot for the poor old Lynx (TOW). (Yes I know the TOW weapon system has been taken off).
  9. The Apache STA and weapons systems are optimised for anti-armour engagements. It was purchased at a time when the likelihood of this type of engagement was becoming quite a low order of probability. It may kill people efficiently but we are trying to develop into a joint force for expeditionary operations I still maintain that there were better options. I find it surprising that 10 years ago this aspect of combat development was not identified. (It probably was but, as ever, there were ulterior motives for procuring Apache) It is the best attack helicopter in the world but what we really need is a gunship.

    The most stitched up military structure for expeditionary operations is the USMC whatever else may be said about them. They do not field Apache and I believe they never will - they see no requirement for it and get better value for money out of a simpler, less expensive platorm, in ES/CSS terms, yet still mount STA and weapons systems that meet all their battlefield needs. Witness the use of USMC gunships in support of 1 (UK) Armd Div on Op TELIC; extremely efficient and no less efficiacious in killing people.

    It's water under the bridge now so, as I said, if Apache is what we have let's make best use of it.
  10. Doh!!! :oops:

    Seems the 'Pilotless Drones are the way ahead' lobby had the loudest voice. :roll:
  11. I wish the AAC luck in their contined effort to take out French and errr, Taliban forces in the region.