Apache Crop Circle Mystery

Discussion in 'Aviation' started by Victorian_Major, Oct 17, 2006.

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  1. 'Article' here.


    Not as up to date as the homepage might suggest but an interesting pair of articles from the tinfoil hat brigade. These cretins clog up the Pewsey Vale throughout the summer but it's the first time I've seen AH accused of making the things.

    Now I've seen a couple under construction on NVG and had fun buzzing the perpetrators but have no footage to show or email to the 'believers.' Has anyone got any footage?
  2. Sounds like AAC were having a barbie.

  3. Damn, we've been found out! The only reason why we bought Apache was to amuse piss stinking hippies by making ornate crop circles.

    Might email them and come clean. :roll:

    Think fucknuts has answered his own question there.

    These people should have their reproductive DNA removed.
  4. It isn't AH but it might be the 'Black Lynx' that flies out of the Southern Wallop HAS? It has the bulgy appendage with the eerie blue glow on it?

    Or have I said too much? I'll cull this for opsec if I need to.
  5. Please tell us more. I'm a nosey b@5t@rd.
  6. saw a photo in flypast (might be wrong) showing a lynx with a similar white dome to the ones on the sea king airborne radar
  7. Gullible more like :wink: .
  8. Why do it ?
    Because they could :D . obvious really .At least these loons are harmless.
  9. 'Fraid so. I was hoping to draw out some of the tinfoil hat brigade. There seems to be rather a few about at the moment.

    Having said that, is the red AH by the watchman at at Wallop responsible?

    I know a local farmer out near Chilbolton who cuts the things out the moment they appear on his land, otherwise he gets a trickle of idiots who go and hum kum ba yah crosslegged in the middle of his fields. Over a pint (or 8 ) he said he'd welcome AH to buzz the things.
  10. On a related matter, does anyone know who operates the blue microlight/fixed wing hybrid that flies around the Pewsey Vale? I think it photographs crop circles. It may be based out of the little strip between Cherhill and Avebury (Lyneham CTA I know).

    Only he is seriously taking the piss out of Rule 5 and is a real hazard to local rotary activity. I'm minded to file something if I can find out who on earth it is.