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For those who have an interest

From Defencenet today:


( Basically a grainy video clip from recent sea trials of WAH-64,aboard HMS Ocean)

Source originally was BFBS, but I can't find it on their website.

In my ignorance, has 3 Cdo Bde Air Sqn been absorbed by JHC ?

I expect eventually there'll be Apaches with << Royal Marines>> painted down the side then.....

<< en avant aviateurs!>>

Le Chevre
AH has recently completed a v successful SHOL trial aboard HMS Ocean which is probably what you have video of. Commando Helicopter Force (CHF - 845, 846 and 847) is part of JHC however the AH will stay with 16 Air Asslt Bde. Support to RM will come from a dual earmarked (DE) Sqn so no need to paint anything other than Army on the side of them!
Where would you find a booty bright enough to drive one? :D

Always one in the woodpile :D
HMS Ocean for one.

The current carriers were in fact first Helicopter carriers before their use was changed with the Harrier coming in. The rumour is that that Illustious I believe, will be gutted and turned into an Ocean type vessel.

Also HMS Albion and HMS Balwark the replacements for fearless, the vessels designed to land Marines quickly... sink on purpose etc, will apparently be carrying Apaches to either go in theatre or if the sea trials went well to be attached to the RM who would be on the ALbion/Bulwark.

Which makes sense as they're also designed to be command centres for operations. Have been on board Albion (Balwark isn't finished just yet) and it's an impressive ship.
Wont it make the end come quicker if the apaches are all at sea any way :lol: saves 'em rotting in a hanger somewhere......then the bluejobs wont want them if it means water :p

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