Apache and the RAF ?

Discussion in 'Aviation' started by MightyGem, Jun 8, 2006.

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  1. A colleague of mine spent some time on the ground with 3 Apaches at a small N Wales airfield this afternoon. He says they had RAF aircrew plus RAF ground crew and support vehicles(he's ex RN so should know RAF rank slides when he sees them). Apparently preping for an 18 month overseas deployment. He's as puzzled as I as to the RAF connection.

    Any further info anyone? Are we losing our grip on the AH?
  2. He is mistaken, they are Army!
  3. Oh no they're not!
  4. Name that Airfield....
  5. It's associated with our Colonel in Chief.
  6. Idi Amin airport?

    RAF Married to a munter?
  7. Could be Dutch as their Air Force has the same rank slide as the crabs!!
  8. Sounds the likeliest answer.

    Did they have ponytails and were the shmoking a shpliff?

    'This ish my gunner who ish also my boyfriend'.......
  9. Maybe RAF Regt CSAR?
  10. Was that a F60 in two tone grey passing low over my house for the last three days?
    Bit of course for the Caribbean!

    Could just be a coincidence.
  11. How dare you........Im speechless. Maybe your "Friend" should get a little closer than the perimeter fence with his little red book of tail numbers and telescopic lens bag. Im amazed that the spotter online network havent cleared this detail up already, AH are mountain flying in N.Wales.


    before you all jump on me thinking I must be an AH pilot im not.............I just clean the Floor in RHQ.

  12. Thanks for that the F60 must have something to do with the Airshow down the road than!!!

    To be honest could not care if AH is flown by RAF, RN, Army or even a monkey as long as AAC is in the title of the future helicopter force somewhere?
  13. MG,

    You witnessed the crew and aircraft changeover from the trial of an airship, that is capable of transporting an AH unit anywhere in the globe. The AH are flown by the Army. The blimp is operated by the Navy, as it is flown mainly over the Sea (less prying eyes, and less thermal variance). The RAF are involved, because it costs a lot of money, and they are the only ones capable of procuring that much.

    I cant say too much about it, as some bits are classified. What i can say, is that its huge. If your friend saw 3, that could be the 4th or 5th flight. They can only change 3 at a time, as ballast is a major problem.

    I think that will explain why your mate saw so many unexplainable things. It is not normally seen that far south, must be a weather thing.