Apache Air Assault. Lords of War. WTF is the LZ.


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Maybe I'm Mr Thicky but I'm in the Lords of War and I've been told to go to the LZ. There are no way point markers and I can't see or find any LZ.

I've Googled and all I can find are other people asking the same question - no answers.

Grateful for any help.

My review of Apache Air Assault. A shameless plug! :D

Anyway, after you've saved the Apache crew and destroyed their Apache, you'll be asked to escort the rescue helicopter to the LZ. Follow it. On the way you'll be attacked by ground threats. Ignore them for now and push on. You'll see the rescue helicopter land, and to the right of the camp is another small camp, populated by other Apache's. Make a note of it, it's easy to find again once you have the general direction, destroy the targets, fly back to the camp and land. Hey presto.

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