Apache A64 Killing Video (graphic content)

Discussion in 'Aviation' started by Harry_Boomers, Aug 26, 2005.

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  1. An apology if this has already appeared as a thread. A mate of mine has just sent to my phone the video of an Apache A64 taking out personnel and a few trucks! Is this for real?


    PG Editted to add, scenes of people getting slotted. view at own discretion
  2. Sorry mate, it may look great to you, but glorifying the death of fellow human beings isn't exactly the ethos of the British Army now is it?

    It sends out the wrong message.
  3. It dosent look great to me, i never said i did. I was asking if it was real!
  4. If it isn't then they deserve an equity card.
  5. Compare with the case of Pte Clegg:

    Exactly what threat were they exhibiting?
    Was it necessary to do anything other than destroy/disable the vehicles?
    Are the coalition forces portrayed as decent, honourable, and just people or callous crusaders?
    If that had been an AAC gun camera how quickly would SIB have paid a visit?

    Killing for fun kills a little bit of your soul and washes away some of your honour every time you do it.
  6. I remember seeing this film on TV. Didn't the crew receive a court-martial for this incident?
  7. You need to see the whole footage (about 15 minutes long). You may see that the site with Harry Boomers link is being a bit selective. The footage on the link just shows the result not the reason.

    Not quite so innocent tractor and truck. :wink:
  8. If that's a fake it was faked by George Lucas himself ! Man that looks as real as it will ever get.
  9. i can not seam to get this link working howver if this is the video that i have seen before then despite what the Iraqies were doing the killing of wounded men is in no way acceptable

  10. What were they doing then
  11. Longer clip

    This may give a bit more information.

    (Its about 12mb so you pikies without broadband will have to try and watch it through Dixons window).
  12. This was seen some time ago and commented on then.....the footage is nothing new. I will post a link when I can be arrsed.
  13. The site mentions 30mm Howitzer rounds, not a chain gun, or are the spams suddenly buying their weaponry from Toy'R'Us now?
  14. Ignore the speil at the bottom from the sites host.
  15. The guys were not "so innocent" if you watch the clip you can clearly see them going back for a RPG! I dont agree with it, but if they were a threat to me in my nice jellycopter who knows........