AP3 and it's legality

Far from it for me to criticise the personnel tracking qualities of this 'Data Base' (Basically it's what you swipe in and out of theatre on.)but with the mighty 'Data Protection Act' in the news so frequently at the moment how does this stand up to such Brussels bourne banter?
Also if my details are held...as I'm sure they are...and they're wrong..can this work against me?
Finally we've heard tales of this system being open to abuse from all sides of the spectrum....lustful ladies in search of single men to addresses of those living out who are away on tour and as such have unguarded homes.
I'd welcome comments from both the Users of AP3 and any successors but would really enjoy to hear the legal wranglings?


Also the MoD has very tight controls on who can get hold of the information, the problem is the individual at the terminal who does not look after the data.

Hope that helps :lol:
FPF...cheers buddy. Apparently my UNICOM extract is correct - and that is the Word, as far as I know.

I wouldn't mind being hunted by a lustful lady... :D

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