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Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by bazp, Mar 26, 2007.

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  1. :frustrated:
    Has anyone got an electronic copy of the Army Operational Shooting Policy Vol 1?
    I know that you can get it from the ArmyNet but I'm having drama's logging on!
    PLEASE HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!
  2. 6 posts is not enough to get help like that fella! If you need it that bad ur Admin is Sh*t!
  3. If you do get hold of one Bazp, let me know. I need to look up dress regs for live firing, cos what I am told I must wear could compromise H&S rules.

  4. New to the computer! Giz a break!
    now i know what i'm doing watch this space!
  5. be advised it's just been ammended, well it will be April 1st anyway
  6. Don't forget that dress regs for ranges or weapon's lessons comes from Pam 21 due to be rereleased to a Trg Wng near you soon
    bazp pm I'll point you in the right direction without breaking opsec
  7. [bazp pm I'll point you in the right direction without breaking opsec[/quote]

    Cheers! but believe it or not managed to get one now!!!! :clap:
  8. What are you being told to wear?!
  9. What H&S rules? If you have a list of those then you would them from PAM 21, 45, Wpn Pam and Range STO's in which case you would see what minimum requirements were for each practice and be the RCO.

    If not, then your not, and considering the exposure RCO's have if it all goes wrong i doubht they are cutting corners.

    Unless is Pistol Practice 13 - The Jackie Chan Shoot.
  10. All the weapon pams can be found on DII. The whole electronic battle box is on there...........
  11. Where on armynet can you find these pams for download???
  12. Soz mate on leave now and i got it saved on my profile on DII can't remember the exact address of th etop of my mind.
  13. I am being told to wear 'coveralls' or civillian clothes because I (was) a student on a range course. I did the course in DPM S95, and got a bollocking after the course, not face to face, but via the CofC, all the way up and all the way down. All of the DS were in DPM (All VRT Officers, not real people!) Backstabbing cnuts!

    If they didnt like what I was wearing they should have RTU'd me before the course started!

    I train, coach, supervise, assist on the same ranges one sunday a month in S95 for the past 2 years, and no-one has ever said I was 'not correctly dressed' but when I go to upgrade my skills I have to wear coveralls or civvies?

    I have decided to stay at home and go down the pub for the next few sunday shoots. Its not for my benefit I do this. Its for the Air Cadets FFS!
  14. On a course you wear what the JIs tell you to wear. Was this mentioned in thew JIs? Did you get JIs? (I know there have been problems getting JIs to students.

    Also bear in mind most military facilities do get rather "confused" when civvies wear DPM. Indeed some specifically forbid it in their Standing Orders.

    Sorry to hear yous experience, sounds like it could have been handled better. If you PM me the specific detail I may be able to be more specific about the reasons.

    Finally, from what you've said, I can understand you being pi55ed off at the DS over this; but don't forget they gave up their weekend and without them doing that there would be no course.