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  1. Alright Chaps,

    At the briefing, can anyone enlighten me with regards to the current current affairs topics they are likely to give you at the moment? I keep up to date generally but if anyone can be more specific, Ild appreciate it.

  2. Anything that is currently really, clue is in the name. Get a copy of The Week and read and think about the topics in there.

    Example ones at the minute would be Iranian situation, should GB call an election, is it moral for Ronaldo to sell for 80m when millions starve.

    Get the papers from the day before your Briefing also. What date are you going on?
  3. cpunk

    cpunk LE Moderator

    And this advice is based on...?

    Use the search function: there is a sh1tload of information here about all aspects of AOSB, but you can really do without advice from someone who hasn't attempted it yet.
  4. Advice based from Sigs FAM Visit this week - the questions I was asked by the Officer running it and from my ACA.
  5. I just did my Main board a few weeks ago and thankfully passed. The best advice i can give is do what you usually do: Listen to radio on way to work in the car, watch the evening or late news. Occasionally if you are bored watch BBC news channel and go on BBC website for news. Also read "The Week" it is invaluable.

    you do get topics which may not be current but are pertinent like Obesity etc... or Stem cells so read up on a wide variety of things. Don't stress it and just participate.

  6. OK, thanks boys.
  7. At my briefing we had to choose our own topics to debate.
  8. We chose our own topics at my briefing too. The group leader starts you off, then asks each member of the group to suggest a topic. A good tip is to discuss the topics you will bring up with your group beforehand and that way no one gets caught out!

    Good luck!
  9. Good advice from Rodger86 there. Means the last person isn't stuck for 10 minutes infront of everyone trying to come up with some cr@ppy idea.

  10. ^Heh your remembering briefing when our last man got stuck clearly.
  11. Another thing to bear in mind is if you're quiet you will be called to speak out. So if there's a topic you are familiar with, speak then. Otherwise you'll A) look like a tw@t for being called out and B) look like a tw@t for not knowing what people are talking about.
    On the other side of it, however, DON'T speak too much, especially if you have nothing to say, as it's a discussion, your lecturrette comes later.
  12. ^ Think in terms of Value Added aswell, if your not adding value to the discussion; what your saying probably isn't.....worth saying. The Officers running the group will definetly notice you talking for the sake of talking.
  13. Heat Magazine did me right, we banged on about Kerry Katona
  14. Is that right? Is it really necessary to know about celebrities?