AOSB Workbook and other similar materials?

Hi all, I have looked about and googled this, but cannot seem to find anything useful, but sorry if this has been asked a hundred times already.

Has anyone here ever seen or bought one of those aosb preperation books?

this one in particular caught my eye;
Army Officer AOSB Workbook | Join The ArmyJoin The Army | Army Jobs

the poor grammar on the website is a little off-putting.

Now i have no intention of turning up with "model" answers or anything, No doubt they have heard it all before, but it would be nice to have as much preperation as possible.

Are these things worth the money?
I passed without one.

Unless you are especially in need of some practise questions for mental arithmetic, then probably not worth it. AOSB measures who you are, rather than how much you've prepared.

Also, when they say "only one out of 5 people pass the AOSB process" that is utter bollocks. I was at a presentation given by a Colonel from the board, historically the figure was 60%, since '08 a lot of unemployed bankers have been trying and failing, so the proportion has come down to 50% (~80% among those who are on their second try)

Reading it, the entire thing comes across as a bit of a con.
Don't bother wasting your money. You're in the right place as you are. ArRSe, specifically the Reg Officer Recruiting forum. Plenty of current Ruperts and Rodneys to help you out.

Your 'flesh and blood' recruiting staff should be able to help you out to. It is in the Armys interest to get you in, if you are up to the task. So ask for some advice or help from them.

The process is long and thorough. Even if you swot to the max and get through AOSB, you'll almost certainly come a cropper at RMAS over the NINE (long) months you will spend there.

I'd put this sort of stuff in the same bracket as 'good tips on getting in to the SAS' websites.
I love the ad in the sidebar for the Army Interview Guide, with a big photo of a man with an AK-47. Are we getting a new service rifle?
This is clearly an utter con.

Whoever was responsible for the text on the website lacks the basic skills in written English to be an Army Officer; as has already been pointed out, the statistics quoted are utter bollocks and the pictures on the website make it clear that the author has no direct connection to or understanding of the British Army.

I wonder whether this is a dodgy way to get credit card details or the personal details of people applying to be Army Officers...

On a more general note, I'm a bit dubious about this sort of product. My personal view is that AOSB candidates should restrict themselves to reading up a bit on the army and current affairs and perhaps practicing a little bit of problem solving (physical fitness preparation should go without saying). Any attempt to cheat the system is likely to be picked up, either at AOSB or Sandhurst. I tend to think that if an individual needs "character coaching" or a list of stock answers to learn, he or she doesn't have what is required.
If an individual has the raw skills but needs 'character coaching' I was under teh impression PODC would be the place to do it...
If an individual has the raw skills but needs 'character coaching' I was under teh impression PODC would be the place to do it...
I think that's probably right. What I meant by character coaching was the "coaching" of fundamentally unsuitable candidates to pass a test. By 'learning the answers to the questions' (if that is even possible for AOSB) the candidate is just cheating the system. At best this just puts dead wood onto the Commissioning Course that will take up time and effort to get thinned during the course, at worse we may end up with the wrong people where it matters on operations.

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