AOSB whilst in F/T Employment?

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Officer Recruiting' started by TheKing, Mar 31, 2009.

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  1. Hi guys,

    I wonder if any advice could be offered.

    I've yet to do Main Board and graduated last year. I'm unemployed and work, particularly for my graduate realm, is hard to come by. Nevertheless I live at home and am looking for work.

    I've spotted some ideal posts I could go for, but my focus, my primary focus, is getting through AOSB Main Board. I really need the money and routine of work, no work is driving me insane. But I really don't want to jeopardize my chances at Main Board by being too distracted to work on my numeracy, too demotivated to uphold my personal fitness, too tired to read quality, lengthy newspapers and publications. I REALLY want to get through AOSB and by having FT work I'm worried I am shooting myself in the foot.

    Do you have, or know, of AOSB candidates who are full-time. At AOSB Briefing, candidates tended to be students or about to start university rather than in full-time graduate employment, although some where.

    Could you offer any (hopefully inspiriting) advice.

  2. cpunk

    cpunk LE Moderator

    Pull yourself together.

    You do not need to spend months preparing for AOSB full-time. I did it in the middle of my 3rd term at university: I missed 4 days teaching but that was it. If you can't do basic arithmetic, can't be arrsed to get a grip on current affairs; and can't force yourself to take enough exercise to get yourself through some very basic physical tests, then you aren't suited to be an army officer. It's not that fucking hard. End of story.
  3. msr

    msr LE

    Pull yourself together?

    GET A F**CKING GRIP more like.

    Why are you not at your local TA unit?

  4. The make up of guys/girls on my main board was mainly graduates.

    There were a few students like myself, althought I was the youngest by far on the board, being a 19 year old second year student. Everyone else in my group was a graduate and were mainly working, one guy on a gap year.

    depends on the job i guess. Had teachers/city workers and all sorts, serving soldiers etc. I guess it would make it harder, the main thing you need the time for is the physical training, the speed/distance/time and general/mil knowledge doesn't take the same effort to prepare.
  5. cpunk - I expected nothing less! Seriously, there's something offensive yet highly endearing about your words of wisdom. Same for msr. I agree with you, I take cpunk's advice about AOSB being 'do-able' on board, and not needing superhuman qualities or 6 months leave from work to do.

    HH_2 - I also guess you're right - the physical prep takes an hour or two a day, whereas reading, particularly papers, I do anyway, and maths / SDT etc Surely I could make time after work / weekend, etc.

    Thanks guy.
  6. Ditto all the above. Unless you're working 18 hour days, I can't see how you couldn't find time to prepare for AOSB. You shouldn't allow having a job to "demotivate" you from staying fit, keeping up a working knowledge of current affairs etc - all things which it's desirable to have in your life anyway, army or no army.
  7. Can you not go for a run and read the newspapers after work?

    Joining the army isn't that hard. If you can run, do some upper body work and not behave like Jim Carrey from Earth Girls Are Easy when it comes to interview then you'll probably get in.

    Good luck.
  8. Why what does Carey behave like in that? (haven't seen it).

    Seriously though, you make it sound rather easy. A weekend break to Westbury almost. I don't know, with the recession on and applications surging, one wonders if their picky hats come back on, and ordinary me in 2009 will need to work harder than ordinary me in 2007.

    I'd have thoigh Main Boarders are expected to dedicate their lives to selection in the months and weeks prior to board. I just don't want to jump on the train knowing I could have binned the job and 'done more'.
  9. Main board IS bloody good fun, everyone I've spoken too whos passed agrees with that. It isn't easy but the physical side is basic the maths is basic the military knowledge is basic. The main thing I saw people struggle with was current affairs and these wern't hard just missed the story being discussed but soon caught the gist from others and cracked on.

    They are looking for potential not a polished ready to lead officer, most of what they assess isn't trainable you either have it or you dont and your comment about the financial situation affecting selection is utter tripe, if you make the grade you pass if not you fail simple as.

    P.S. its not a weekend at Westbury it happens mid week
  10. I'm working full time with a one hour commute in and out of London each way and admittedly I have yet to do my first interview (that's next week) but I am in the gym for an hour each night, read the papers (and read this site) every day on the internet whilst at work and on the commute I have a gander at the pocket British Army guide on the train - my mates love hearing how much a Challenger 2 costs :roll:

    If anything having a job motivates you to get out of the frigging boredom and monotony that Monday to Friday generally brings and do something you consider worthwhile. At least if you have a job, even if it's something that you consider shite, it gets you up in the morning, provides some sort of routine and provides a varied amount of human contact other that your mum.
  11. It also gives you the money to be able to afford things such as The Week and Gym membership
  12. I like this synthesis. motivates me to stop soap dodging and get a job!
  13. [quote="TheKing
    I like this synthesis. motivates me to stop soap dodging and get a job![/quote]

    There's no need to go that far just yet, I know plenty of antipodeans that soap dodge and they get on just fine! :wink:
  14. I did my RCB about 3 weeks before my A-Levels (a long time ago) & managed to pass both, so it shouldn't be too hard to cope.

    I was out of the house for school by about 07:00, didn't get in until 18:00 & then had the study for exams. How long do you think the working day is for a YO these days?!?
  15. I would love to have to sit AOSB and just have a full time job to contend with.

    Finding anytime in my life is difficult, but if I can sit and post on the internet then I have time to look up a few news stories in the background.