AOSB Waiting Times

Sorry to make another thread on top of the one before.

I applied in March, and was told by the Officer there to expect an AOSB Breifing in July, and the Main Board (if I passed the briefing) in August.

I eventually got my medical stuff sent off around the 10th of May - later than they wanted in the letter, as my surgery spent about 3 weeks filling it in, and from what I could see just countersigned what I had written.

I received a letter back saying that I have been approved for the selection process in early June, and have a visit to the Engineer Regiment on the 13th of July. But I havent heard anything back regarding the AOSB Breifing date.

How far in advance do you receive a letter giving you your AOSB dates?
I knew nearly a month, to two months before my briefing date. But i chased up my medical forms quickly and my GP filled it in 3 days after i gave it to him. If you are worried just get in contact with your sponsor.

As for main board i heard if you get a Cat1 you usually wait 8weeks anyway as they must do your backround check etc.

EDIT - you did in your initial interview sit down with your sponsor and pick two dates you would like to bid on right?
Right ok, Ill give them a ring now then. At the interview in March I didnt pick out specific dates, but he said 'sometime in July, main board shortly after'.

Will try them now.
Ah apparently I had been sent an email on the 10th of June, but it must have gone into my junk folder which I almost never check.

I now have a date for the 21 and 22 of September. Gives me more time to work on my push ups and hurdles at least!
Well good luck with it then :thumleft:

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