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I'm looking for a bit of generalist help; hopefully someone on here can help.
I joined the TA three years ago as a squaddie; did the full time training course and loved it (well, endured it for 6 weeks!) and then went back to my unit. All well at first; I was pinged to go to AOSB and went off to briefing, passed that and then to Main Board.
At the time I was in the middle of changing my civvy career path and (not an excuse, just an explanation) did well at everything at Main Board except buggered the assault course through a combination of a broken finger and not enough emphasis on my phys earlier. Anyway, they failed me and I went back to my unit.
At first all was well; the unit were v supportive and said 'get on top of your phys, we'll help you, and have another go' In the meantime I embarked on MOD 1 and 2 with my RTC and got on fine with that.
Wind the clock forward to mid 2012, change of personnel at the unit and RTC and I find I'm doing nothing. There was very little happening at unit level ( I spent most weekends and evenings doing absolutely nothing as training was cancelled and then people begun to fail to show up due to inactivity). Final straw for me was when I found that a new booking for AOSB had been made for me but my old address had been given to Westbury. I never got the letter and so only found out when the PSAO told me curtly one day "you can't go back for 6 months as you're a no show."
A mix of that, inactivity and workload in my civvy life meant I decided to draw a line under it and leave.

A few months down the line and I'm finding myself looking at things again. My civvy career is now stabilised and stable in terms of work load, I'm on top of my phys and still as eager as I was (possibly more so). I've started looking for new units to join and have got a couple in mind that I'm going to contact in the New year. What are my chances of getting back to Main Board for a second innings? And what is a new unit likely to think of me having had a go at AOSB with one unit, left and now seeking to join another? I've even looked at RNR, RAFR and RMR though I'm too old for the latter and the first two are just not what I'm looking for - I like my soldiering and that's what I want to do.

Does anyone have any thoughts as to Midlands (West/East) units that are supportive of those seeking to go through the commissioning process?
All and any advise greatly received!
Where abouts are you based and what capbadge are you? Are you interested in? How old are you?
I suggest you give 307 Bty at Bulwell a call (0115 927 2251). They are a TA Close Support Artillery unit (i.e. Light Gun) who are well connected with the OTC for Officer Training and the ACA for AOSB. RHQ has a TA Officer (me) to mentor and support TA Potential Officers through training and selection.

Drill night is Tuesday starting at 1930hrs. If you turn up and ask for the Recruit House, tell them you have been to AOSB and want to be an officer and they should help.

Failing all that, drop an email to: and it will get sent to me.

Good luck

OpsO 100

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