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Discussion in 'Officers' started by i_am_will, Aug 23, 2012.

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  1. Hi,

    I have recently booked my AOSB briefing for mid september.

    Now, being a complete novice nt having done cadets etc I was wondering if those more experienced amongst you good chaps would be able to give me any hints/tips for it?

    Also, how did you guys prepare for it?

    Any help will be much appreciated,


  2. Don't wear white socks or have your nose pierced.
    Don't litter every sentence with superfluous use of the word 'like' (unless you are a 14 year old girl in which case I accept it will be a physical impossibility not to do so).
    Don't call the Directing Staff (ie those assessing you) 'mate' and never, never say 'innit'.
  3. Try and shag someone: I never did and kept hearing stories of girls scurrying back to their rooms in the morning, as well as the one about the girl who was spit-roasted over the pool table in the bar.
  4. You'll be glad you didn't do any cadets.
  5. I woull advise going down town to get some money with two others, then popping into a pub for one pint on the way back. Enjoy the banter, put wurzels on the juke box. Have a few more, call RCB, tell them you will not be in for dinner. Get drunk, go to Warminster, end up legless and buying a Chinese takeaway. Eat it in the accommodation, wake up feeling shite the next day.

    Finish the assessment, go back and find that of the whole FCB only four passed. A Lord and the Warminster three.

    Worked for me. Alternatively, you could work hard and be an adult. That also works by all accounts...
  6. Get a good suit, sound posh, be semi-fit. As long as your not a regular you should get in.
  7. Use the search function, because god knows there are enough of these threads.
  8. Alternatively, hook up with a couple of serving soldiers and go on the Razz including the illegal club in Warminster, stagger in around 5am. Back in '94 you got 2 extra points on the board for it!