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Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Officer Recruiting' started by btf_29, May 4, 2011.

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  1. Dear all,

    Apologies if have posted this to the wrong place, I tried to put this on the AOSB thread, but couldn't as it was closed.

    I passed my Main Board last month and wrote an email with advice on the AOSB to two friends who are about to sit the Board, and thought I'd post it here if anyone wants some further guidelines. Hope it helps, and best of luck.

    UPDATE, on the advice of the first person to reply to the thread, I've edited it down from the original draft. He's quite right!

    Hi mate,

    Right, here's some tips for the AOSB.

    The attached document "army revision" is something I found on the internet on the arrse website, and genuinely helped me with getting through the interviews and pop quizzes that get thrown your way. Have a good read through it and LEARN THE ACRONYMS, especially to do with regiments and Army structure.

    Day 1:

    1/ Phys, Bleep test first, should be a walk in the park - if you can do a Paras insight, you should hit 10.2, make sure you drink enough fluids beforehand, it was hot when we did ours and 2 boys failed due to dehydration. Press ups, NAIL THEM, be the first to finish, same goes for the sit ups. They do note down who finishes first, can only be a good thing.

    2/ Essay. They're looking for good sentence structure, English, spelling, neatness, paragraphs, and a set, clear and concise argument.

    Read up on major things in the news, you have to write on one subject when given 5 to choose from.

    3/ General knowledge multiple choice tests - Try your best and keep an eye on the time.

    Evening, get to know your team, ask everyone to be frank and honest about potential weaknesses.

    Day 2:

    1/ Discussions: Remember, it's a test of how you listen to others as well as how you put forward your views.

    2/ Interviews: Be open and honest and don't say what you think they want to hear. Read up on your CV and know it backwards including dates etc. It's a test of personality and integrity.

    3/ Leaderless tasks: 3 of them. Same as the debates, listen, think, then speak. KEEP A SENSE OF URGENCY AND GOOD SPIRIT. Lots of pats on the back and saying "good effort 31" etc. Think of the most simple way - usually it's the correct way. If you complete 1, you will have done really well.

    4/ Opening Race: Thrash it, and keep the motivation up.

    4/ Plan ex tutorial. Listen and learn, it's the most useful 45 mins of the 3 days!

    Day 3:

    1/ Plan ex. Right, everyone sh*ts themselves about this, but don't worry, think of it as a logic problem where there is a right answer. Consider all practicalities, this is often overlooked.

    Remember, they want an explanation of how you assessed the situation and weighed up the risks concerned. If you F*ck up (and you will!), don't worry, stick to your guns and remember why it was that you came up with your plan.


    2/ Plan ex grilling! This is without a doubt the highest pressure situation you'll be in all week. The key is T-CUP: Think Clearly Under Pressure.

    3/ Command Tasks (Led) Same as leaderless, SEE THE ROUTE THROUGH!

    4/ Individual Obs Course: Thrash it, get round twice, leave the the longer obstacles (chute and rope climb) til last on the second lap.

    5/ Lecturette on something from your CV: Provide some banter, don't take the piss though. Keep it engaging and include funny anecdotes. They're testing your ability to hold the attention of subordinates, so make sure it's about something they'd want to hear about.

    6/ Dinner: Relax, don't get pissed though.

    Day 4:

    Final Race: On the instructions, LISTEN, Work hard and fast and win.

    Hope that helps, any questions, let me know. Best of luck.


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  3. Switchback, you're quite right, i've edited it accordingly.
  4. Few problems with your pdf I'm afraid mate.
    For example sir david richards is actually the chief of the defence staff, not the "head of th british army" that title is the queen's. Also MOD budget is off, approx numbers of troops is off by a few thousand (should be 144k). There are a few errors right the way through it, i've edited them accordingly and i'd be happy to re-upload it. :) Because it has helped me a lot in studying.
  5. Cheers, will d/l and read up over the weekend!
  6. If you could put the updated pdf on that would be great. Have board next week, so every little helps.

  7. I never knew an 80 ton Challenger 2 MBT was able to do 559KPH. That would make it faster than a Bugatti!
  8. gladwda - if you have the up to date PDF could you please upload it so we can have the most recent figures?

    Many thanks,
  9. Sorry about the delay there folks!
    I've uploaded it to because Arrse aint letting me reply with an attachment larger than a meg. Not sure how original author got away with the original file. Must be different for first posters. I've also compressed the size to 3meg for ya :)
    Army Revision edited.pdf - - document sharing - download

    Yeh so I fired through the original article which was very good, but outdated and there were a few inaccuracies. So with a bit of research I've updated it. If in doubt always check the army website as most of this seems to have been pulled off there. However other figures and such were sourced from the MOD website so all's looking rather peachy.

    I am however, unsure about where he got the info for the stormer being phased out 2009, as such I'm wary of it but can't be arsed at the moment going and having a look. Just assume it's correct unless you can find otherwise I guess (do go by the equipment section on But I'll sit down and find out when I have my next study session (AOSB coming up soon!)

    Also I haven't checked the speeds of the various vehicles (except for the challenger 2), the obvious mistake for the challenger 2 going at 559. Lol. 59kph is the correct top speed. You'll have to check the rest yourselves folks. Bit of the ol' research. Though I'll no doubt do it anyway so watch this space.

    But anyway, enjoy :) I edited the original in nitro pdf trial, hence the ugly watermark on the bottom right of the page - its no biggy though. Sorry about that folks.
  10. Considering the better half is due for main board in the very near future and I have my interview with my ACA in 2 weeks, this upload has been fantastic insight and key knowledge for the both of us. Many thanks for the edit also, gladwda.