AOSB Sixth Form Scholorship


I'll be going to Westbury in a few weeks for my AOSB Sixth Form scholorship.

Does anyone have any tips? Bearing in mind it is different from the AOSB Main board.
Firstly learn how to spell Scholarship. Practice mental arithmetic, distances and times ect, which you will need for the planning ex. Otherwise lots of confidence and don't act like a kn0bber.


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Bordtea said:
Can I ask; what tests/contact have you had to do previously to get on this "course"?

"be a leading pupil in your school blah blah blah"

You do a preliminary interview with some basic arithmetic and interesting questions before the main board.

I echo TTA, maturity, confidence and good mental arithmetic are vital. There are some decent distance and speed to time taken tables on the interweb, find them and use it. I put one as my computer background and memorised it so I didn't have much of a problem, apart from calculating 4x3=11 :oops: . Don't worry too much about the plan ex, it's only one test.

Enjoy yourself, few other 16/17 YO get to test themselves in such a high-stress situation, you'll learn quite a bit about yourself.

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