AOSB Second Attempt Pointers

Hi guys,

Thought it might be useful to start a thread on attempting AOSB second time around. Failing, as some of you may know, is a pretty disheartening/devastating experience.

I think it would be pretty useful to share some ideas on how best to reorganize and smash AOSB second time around and make this thread hopefully a mine of information on how to go about this. If anyone reading this has passed second time around your comments would be greatly appreciated.

I am personally going through my report (I do recommend you get hold of yours asap after getting the dreaded failure letter) with a fine tooth comb and going over all the bits that my section officer brought up. I have only 6 months left now before my retake so decided against the TA but instead have focused on getting on as many FAM visits as possible to get a broader sense of the army and some more experience of command tasks.

(Has anyone joined the TA after failing Main Board and then come back and smashed it? There is a lot of conflicting information on here about the usefulness of taking this route.)

I found some elements of the obstacle course rather challenging at AOSB. Mainly the hurdles and the long jump due to my short(ish) size. I therefore brought myself a hurdle and have been practicing with that (amazon £35). Also for Londoners at Regents park they have a sand long jump pit at Regents Park running track which is pretty good and most importantly free.

I've also been going over sharpening up the maths and command tasks which you can get all over the internet.

Whilst I think its obviously critical to stay positive and keep the 'will to win' mentality I also think its useful to bear in mind that you could fail again and therefore you have to have a back up plan that you are happy with. This will hopefully lessen, if only slightly, the disappointment of a second fail. After all if you were never enough without a commission, you will never be enough with one.

Peace out.


Very few people 'smash' AOSB. Most candidates exhibit strengths and weaknesses so without a bit more of a steer over where it went wrong for you first time round, it will be hard for anyone to give you advice over how to prepare for your next shot.
Breaking down your report is always helpful, they tend to be reassuringly blunt and to the point, allowing you to really work on what let you down.

The hurdles and long jump are far more down to technique than height - Coming from a mere 5'4" individual.

With the command tasks, try and remember that whilst completing them is great, the main aim is to see how you deal under pressure and if you can manage a team of strong individuals, whilst still being open to suggestions they may have. The board is looking for raw potential, not necessarily the finished products.

I'm sure if you could give some specific details on where your report states you let yourself down, a few members on here will point you in the right direction :thumright:
Sorry about the late reply. I got a CAT 1 at briefing. A poor Plan Ex and Command Task were the things brought up in my report. Everything else was fine. I'm currently coxing a men's 8 on the river Thames to improve my command ability under pressure and have got together a lot of Planning Exercises to practice over. I have heard that for the Plan Ex even if your plan is utterly shocking you should stick to it like glue when getting grilled? Is this the case? I admitted that my plan was poor to the officer during my grilling as I thought honesty and integrity were the main character traits of an officer....


If you 'stick like glue' to a poor Planex solution at the map you'll look a bit of a twat. The answer is to come up with a coherent solution which shows a bit of logic on paper before you get to the grilling. If you do that, you'll do OK when you're questioned about it.

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