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well done for passing aosb, looks like you put a great deal of effort into the document, thanks for sharing it with us :)

did giggle at your spelling of Edinburgh on the last page though "Endingborough" but it's an understandable mistake so will forgive you :p

thanks again, very generous


Haha no excuses for that spelling!!

Maybe thats the reason im going to PRMAS first! Lol

Not a problem, just glad i could help!


Good god... its beautiful! Thanks, this will definitely some in handy for my main board next week! I'll buy you a beer if this gets me through!


Haha as always just glad to help!

Hopefully maybe get this 'stickied' as such so can help as many people as possible.

All the information is available out there in the web i just thought i would bring it all together!

Good luck! Any questions just ask away!


Had a few people PM me asking a few questions. So thought may be a good idea to 'Sticky' this thread maybe. How do i go about doing this?


Ok, this is absolutely ridiculas. If people feel that strongly about this thread i have no problem deleting it.

However, i totally agree with people having no advantages over other people when going to Westbury, that isn't fair. I totally agree with the the Officers when they stated that keep all the information that you found out here to yourself. . .

that is exactly what i have done.

I have told absolutely nobody about anything that i learnt at Westbury. Why would i?

I made this document before i went to Westbury to help me with me revision.

All the information i get off the internet and books. Is it unfair that applicants can access the army website and grab the information? No, because thats what it is for.

All i done was put the information in one document so it was easy to read and revise from.

I cant believe im being made to feel guilty at the fact that i just wanted to help people with there revision?

Like i said if people feel that strongly i have no problem deleting the links.

I cant believe im being made to feel guilty at the fact that i just wanted to help people with there revision?

I'd work on my own spelling and grammar first, old stick :wink:

I'll still ask you the questions I've asked many times before on here:

First, how do you think all these Officers got through what was then RCB with at best a couple of careers brochures, a pre-RCB and if really unlucky a viewing of Three Testing Days* beforehand to assist?

Second, do you think it wise to take for granted the word of anonymous people on websites when you have no idea of who they are or whether they've even entered the selection and training process at all? I crossed swords with someone who was "giving it large"** about how to pass AOSB & the Commissioning Course when it turns out he had only got through the Careers Office phase...

*Actually that was quite amusing, mainly to laugh at the bloke in Bjorn Borg style headband and wristbands during the physical tasks. If rumour was correct he actually passed, had an interesting career & at one point was my boss.

**See, not a fuddy-duddy, I'm down wid da kidz lol m8.


Fair enough mate.

Lol yea i didn't go over my spelling or grammer before i posted. As you can imagine my essay prob wasnt the best.

Ive taken the links down and deleted my orginal post. I was merely just trying to calm some nerves for people thats all. I totally agree with 'not giving the game away' as such.

Best of luck to everyone who goes to AOSB!


(Captain Plume. I meant 'their' lol rushing on the old phone. Are you military by the way?)
Captain Plume. I meant 'their' lol rushing on the old phone. Are you military by the way?

Was military rather than am. Only hang around here to get some of the banter I loved when still in. My user name might just give an idea of the giddy heights I reached in my long inglorious career.

Your motivations in putting up those links were admirable, but I always counsel caution to those going through the system about their preparations. We have a generation for whom "reasearch" means "do a google search and copy-and-paste from Wiki into my essay" and such a lack of critical thinking could be pretty damaging to Officer selection and training, let alone once at a Unit.

FWIW* I'd suggest only offical publications should be used - most of these Bluffers' Guide to Passing AOSB and similar seem to have been judged pretty harshly by people with far more knowledge than mine.

BTW* a cursory look at the paragraph I quoted from shows sixteen errors of punctuation, spelling & grammar. I know this is the internet & rules are a little more free (hellfire, my posts especially when I've drink taken, can be completely random) but when posting on a professional thread the general concensus seems to be that a professional approach to structuring posts, using language & minimising txtspk will garner a more favourable & helpful response from those who are actually able to help.

*Feck, erse, at it again, pmsl, lol etc.

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