AOSB Revision / Intinery download links

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Officer Recruiting' started by powell_uk, Mar 28, 2011.

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  1. Deleted thread.
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  2. That's brilliant! Thanks
  3. Nice one, thanks.

    Looks very good!
  4. Anytime!

    Just hope it helps!
  5. I remember when RCB was best effort not group effort.
  6. well done for passing aosb, looks like you put a great deal of effort into the document, thanks for sharing it with us :)

    did giggle at your spelling of Edinburgh on the last page though "Endingborough" but it's an understandable mistake so will forgive you :p

    thanks again, very generous
  7. Haha no excuses for that spelling!!

    Maybe thats the reason im going to PRMAS first! Lol

    Not a problem, just glad i could help!
  8. Thanks powell. I've printed it off for bedtime reading. :)
  9. Thanks for that! I'm sure it'll be put to good use!
  10. Good god... its beautiful! Thanks, this will definitely some in handy for my main board next week! I'll buy you a beer if this gets me through!
  11. Haha as always just glad to help!

    Hopefully maybe get this 'stickied' as such so can help as many people as possible.

    All the information is available out there in the web i just thought i would bring it all together!

    Good luck! Any questions just ask away!
  12. Likewise! Excellent work, thanks for the upload.
  13. Big thanks! Condensed and organised, suddenly AOSB doesn't seem so unreachable!
  14. Had a few people PM me asking a few questions. So thought may be a good idea to 'Sticky' this thread maybe. How do i go about doing this?
  15. .......................................................